2012 Wrestling State Tournament

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

February 15 and 16 was the 4A/5A state wrestling tournament held at Utah Valley University. Five of our very own Red Devils qualified to wrestle at state. Of the five that made it to state, two of them placed as follows: Steven Gueck (3rd place) and Jon Britt (5th place). The team tied for 13 place overall.

Mighty Red Devil Swimmers Splash-tac​ular at 4A State

by Kenzee Hargett, Swim Team Co-Captain
from left to right--Melissa McQueen(SR), Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Payton Acor(FR)
SHS Swim Team at State Competition
SHS Swim Team at State Competition

This past weekend, the Springville High School swim team competed at 4A State.  Overall the team did exceptionally well. The boys, having 11 on the team took third place just under Mountain Crest; the girls with only six on the team took 8th and did better than they were thought to do.

A couple exceptional swimmers broke Springville's own swim records, they are:  Conner Anderson (freshman) in the 200 Freestyle with a time of 1:45.26 and Nichole Mertz (freshman) broke a 25 year record in the 50 free by one tenth of a second, her time was 25.10 seconds.

The 400 free girls relay included (Lauren Pilcher[JR], Payton Acor[FR], Rebekah McClain[JR], and Nichole Mertz[SO]). The meet started on Friday with the medley relays. The girls team consisted of Payton Acor(FR), Melissa McQueen (SR.), Kenzee Hargett (SR.), and Rebekah McClain (JR). They finished in 12th place.

The boys team finished in 6th place with Aleksander Maccabee(SO), Matthew Vaughan(JR), Gabe Hargett(SO), and Christopher McClain(FR). In the 200 free, there were no girls who qualified; but, with the boys, Conner Anderson(FR) took third place, Christopher McClain(FR) finished eleventh, and McKay Mertz(JR) in sixteenth.

The 200 I.m. consisted of Rebekah McClain (JR), Payton Acor(FR) John Morris(SO), Matthew Vaughan(JR), Kyle Gashler(JR), and Gabe Hargett(SO). Rebecca finished in seventh, Payton in tenth, John in third, Matthew in twelfth, Kyle in fourteenth, and Gabe in Ninteenth.

For the 50 free the girls placed high with a second place (Nichole Mertz[FR]) and seventh. (Lauren Pilcher[JR]) With the boys there was a tie for tenth place (Travis Pope[JR]), a twelfth place (Nate Marrett[JR]), and an eighteenth place(Nathan Graham[SR]). These events finished the first day. The boys were in 3rd place with the girls in 6th place.

On Saturday the meet started with 100 Butterfly, no Lady Red Devils participated, however,we had Kyle Gashler(JR) who placed 8th, Gabe Hargett(SO) who placed 11th, and Tyler Oman(SO) who placed 12th overall. For the 100 freestyle, Nichole Mertz(FR) and Lauren Pilcher(SO) both got their best times with Nichole placing 6th overall and Lauren placing 12th. Conner Anderson(FR) and Travis Pope(JR) both swam. Conner with a swim of 3rd place and Travis in seventeenth. In the 500 Freestyle no girls swam but the boys did very well. Chistopher McClain(FR) took 5th overall, Aleksander Maccabee(SO) took 12th overall and McKay Mertz(JR) finished 14th overall. 

Next was the 200  freestyle relay, both girls and boys did exceptionally well. The girls team consisted of Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Melissa McQueen(SR), and Nichole Mertz(FR). The girls went in 12th overall and finished 7th overall. The boys team was Travis Pope(JR), Nathan Graham(SR), Matthew Vaughan(JR), and Conner Anderson(FR) were seeded in 6th place and finished in 2nd. Payton Acor(FR) and Rebekah McClain(JR) competed once again against each other in  he 100 backstroke. Payton finished 8th overall and Rebekah in 10th overall. Nathan Graham(SR) and Aleksander Maccabee(SO) also swam the backstroke. Aleksander in 8th place and Nathan finished in 14th. Melissa McQueen(SR) was the only lady devil to swim in the 100 Breaststroke and finished in 18th place. Matthew Vaughan(JR) and John Morris(SO) both swam the 100 Breastroke and finished with amazing races. Matt finished in second place, while John Finished in 4th.

Finally, the meet closed with the 400 free relay. The girls team was of Lauren Pilcher(JR), Payton Acor(SO), Rebekah McClain(JR), and Nichole Mertz(FR). The girls finished in a great placing of 4th. The boys team was of Nathan Graham(SR), Christopher, McClain(FR), Travis Pope(JR), and Conner Anderson(FR). The boys finished in 9th place. The coaches Amyee Hargett, Mindy Burton and Sarah Connolly were excited for the results of the meet and extremely proud of each swimmer. In the end the girls finished in 8th place and the boys finished with an exceptional third place. Congratulations to the SHS swim team and good luck next year.

Photo 1:
From left to right
Melissa McQueen(SR), Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Payton Acor(FR)



SHS Announces 2011-2012 Sterling Scholars

by Justin Coplen and Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writers
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Amanda Groneman_Family and Consumer Science
Ashley Eaton_English
Benjamin Krutch_Music
Casey Ashcraft_Science
Kate Baxter_Art
Lesli Mortensen_Business and Marketing
Mary Wells_Dance
McKenna Thomas_Speech and Drama
Michael Bartholomew_Mathematics
Rebekah Brau_Foreign Language
Rhetta Shoemaker_Social Science
Timothy Elliott_Technical Trade

Twelve Springville High students have been selected as Sterling Scholars for 2011-2012. The students chosen will now go on to the state competition on February 15; the final judging will occur on February 29, 2012.  The following are the categories and students have been chosen to compete: 

Social Science: Rhetta Shoemaker, daughter of Lorie Reese and Bryan Shoemaker, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Rhetta Shoemaker enjoys how interesting the subjects are in this category, “Especially because they have a direct application to our lives,” said Rhetta.   Rhetta plans on attending Brigham Young Univesity, as her entire family has gone there.  Her inspiration is her mother and grandmother, she says, “They have gone through difficult times but were able to overcome them with diligence, dedication, and optimism.”

Music: Benjamin Krutsch, son of John and Alison Krutsch, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Benjamin Krutsch enjoys preforming for others, he says, “There is just something about being able to share my talent with others; plus, I have not found a pleasure equal to the one I have felt after a great performance.” For college he plans on attending BYU, he states, “The music school at BYU is one of the finest in the country; plus, I bleed blue.” His inspiration was his great-grandfather, he feels as if he is reviving a long lost family tradition as his great-grandfather was a vocalist before the depression. Benjamin gives this advice to all aspiring musicians: “Make sure that you love your music. If you are happy with your music, it won’t matter what other people think.”

English: Ashley Eaton, daughter of Wendy and Dael Eaton, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Ashley Eaton enjoys being able to express herself, she says, “There’s something satisfying about carefully crafting a passage to creatively articulate my opinions and ideas.”  Her college plans include attending BYU, she states, “I like the atmosphere and religious focus on campus and in the classes.” Her inspiration was her dad and her grandma she says, “My dad instilled in me a love for reading and my grandma helped me refine my skills.” Ashley gives this advice to all English majors: “Read.  By reading the work of many different authors and literacy masters, you can learn a great deal about style, rhetorical strategies, and the mechanics of writing.”

Business and Marketing: Lesli Mortensen, daughter of Preston and Collette Mortensen, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Lesli Mortensen loves how you can use the knowledge you gain from Business and Marketing in everyday life, she says, “The skills and knowledge you receive from studying business and marketing can be an asset no matter what career you go into.”  Her college plans include attending BYU because she enjoys the atmosphere on campus. Her inspiration was Mrs. Shauna Binkerd because she was the teacher who interested her in business and instilled excitement in her about the potential opportunities in business and marketing. Lesli gives this advice to all entrepreneurs: “Use your talent to set you apart; if you’re good with computers, study the importance of technology and social media in business.  If you’re social look into public speaking, find your talent and use it to your advantage.”

Art: Katherine Baxter, daughter of Douglas Alan and Sandra Lynn Baxter, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Katherine Baxter enjoys being able to bring her ideas to life.  Her college plans include attending BYU; she wants to go somewhere local with a good art program. Katherine gives this advice to all Artists: “Just work, you’ll get better with practice.”

Mathematics: Michael Bartholomew, son of David and Lynette Bartholomew, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Michael Bartholomew enjoys the fact that mathematics can be applied to nearly anything, he says, “To be able to analyze and apply math makes things logical and understandable.” His college plans include attending the University of Utah, he states, “I want to be able to stay in Utah while fulfilling my goal to become an architect.” His inspiration was his sister, he says, “She helps me understand concepts and realize the importance of math in life.” Michael gives this advice to all mathematicians: “Math is challenging even for those who it appears to be easy for.  Just stick with it and keep working to understand it, eventually you may find it enjoyable!”

Science: Casey Ashcraft, daughter of Rick and Christina Ashcraft, has been selected as the scholar in this category. Casey Ashcraft enjoys the anatomy aspect of science most.  Her college plans include attending BYU, she states, “I was raised a cougar and will be forever.” Her inspiration was Taylor Sutterfield as he was the sterling scholar last year.

Dance: Mary Wells, daughter of Earle and Debra Wells, was chosen for the dance category. She enjoys dance because of the creative outlet it provides. She feels that through dance she can express herself freely. Her advice to other students in the field is to, “Only dance if you love it.” She plans on attending BYU to earn a dance education major.  She has always been interested in dancing. Her mother was a dancer so she put her children in dance at a young age. Her inspirations are her older sisters, who both have majored in dance.

Trade and Technical Education:  Timothy Elliot, son of T. Lynn and Andrea Elliot, was chosen for the trade and technological education category. He enjoys it because of the creative aspect. He said, “I really love that you can take something and give it an automated character.” His advice to other students in this field is to, “Do something original. Trailers and fire pits don’t count.” Timothy is not quite sure where he wants to go to college, but wants to go somewhere with a good art program.  He plans to get certified in welding so he can have a job to pay for college.  Timothy doesn’t know why he was interested in welding, all that he remembers is seeing welding on the class registration and thinking, “That would be fun.”

Foreign Language:  Rebekah Brau, daughter of James and Michelle Brau, was chosen for the foreign language category. Her favorite part of knowing other languages is the connection she feels with the world. Rebekah’s advice to other students in this field is, “No matter how hard or frustrating it can seem, keep working towards the goal that you have set for yourself.” She plans on attending BYU. She does not know what she wants to major in as of now.  Rebekah says that she has been interested in languages since the 4th grade when she began Spanish immersion.  Her inspirations are her little brothers who were adopted from Guatemala and El Salvador when she was nine. They made her realize that there’s more to the world than the bubble she had been living in.

Family & Consumer Sciences:  Amanda Groneman, daughter of Jon T. and Bonny Jo, was chosen for the family and consumer sciences category.  Amanda’s favorite subject is sewing. She has been sewing for a long time. She says that it is so rewarding when she finishes a sewing project and when she gets that feeling of accomplishment. Her advice to other students in this field is, “Enjoy the classes that you are taking because it is such an opportunity for us to take these FACS classes and relax from our other school work. Also, if you enjoy your class, then continue with it.” Amanda is planning on attending the University of Utah. She does not plan on majoring in family and consumer science, but says it will help her later in life when she has a family of her own. She has always been interested in this field because her mother is a FACS teacher and she started getting her involved when she was very little.  Amanda’s inspiration is her mother because she has taught her all that she knows and has taught her to be successful in life. Her mother has always encouraged her to reach her goals.

Speech/Drama:  McKenna Thomas, daughter of David and Stephanie Thomas, was chosen for the speech/drama category. Her favorite aspect of speech and drama is the way theater can touch people. She likes when you can make a person feel something--or move them in anyway. McKenna’s advice to other students in this field is to, “Go for it.  Don’t think about how dumb people think you look, because in the end, you’re doing it for yourself. Confidence is key.” She has recently applied to BYU Provo because she feels that they honestly have the best programs to continue her education. As of right now she wants to major in this field. She said that she would love to continue performing. She is considering becoming a drama teacher. McKenna has enjoyed performing ever since she was born. She said, “I think there was a spotlight on me. First, it was a love of singing, which leant itself to musical theatre, and nurtured a love of acting in me.” Her inspiration is her friends and family for always encouraging her to develop her talents.

SHS Subs for Santa

By Angela Black and Amber Ostler, SHS Staff Writers

Springville High School’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) club is heading this year’s Sub for Santa fundraiser. With the help of the PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association), the students have put together three ways that Springville students can give to those who are in need this holiday season. 

First, the students decorated a Christmas tree for the school’s entrance and put ornaments on it that have the ages and gifts for kids in need. This angel tree has been a huge success this year. Next, the students decorated and distributed boxes so that the students could put gently used or new toys in the boxes as well. After the toy drive, the students went shopping at Walmart to buy the clothes needed for the children they are helping this year.

With three great ways to help out, SHS spent about $50 on each child and they helped out eight families with a total of thirty one children in all.  This is a great way to spread love and cheer this holiday season. Thank you Springville High FFA.

SHS Fall Assembly

By: Haley Millet and McKenna Nuzman, SHS Staff Writers
The Little Drummer Boys.jpg

“Act, don’t react,” was one of the many inspirational quotes given to the student body on November 28 by motivational speaker Brad Wilcox.   Wilcox came with words of wisdom and enough jokes to have the student audience entertained and inspired.

Student body officers welcomed to the stage the Red Devils of the term:  Grant Evans, Carli Sorenson, Emma Graves, Jordan Staheli, Madison Monson, and Morgan Sutterfield.  These students have chosen to go above and beyond the average student in receiving exceptional grades and near perfect attendance.

To close the assembly “The Little Drummer Boys” performed a musical piece they entered into a competition to win a reward for best performance and most creative music.  Unfortunately, they didn’t win; but, they had the crowd roaring and hearts pumping as they incorporated random objects into loud upbeat instruments; it was quite the performance.

November Student of the Month -- Rhetta Shoemaker

by Raymond Jablonski, SHS Staff Writer
Rhetta Shoemaker--November Student of the Month

Rhetta Shoemaker was chosen as Springville High’s November student of the month.

Rhetta is a great student who said, “I like all of my classes.” Rhetta plans on attending Brigham Young University after she graduates; she is still unsure of what she wants to major in.  As of now she is considering studying law.

Now there is more to Rhetta than just school.  Her family is the most important part of her life.  When asked what is one thing you could not live without she said, “My family,” without having to think about it.  Most people would have said something like their phone or computer, but not Rhetta, family is what matters to her.  Her mother has been the biggest influence in her life.  Rhetta is a great student and loves her family.  It’s easy to see why she was chosen to represent the student body as student of the month.

Anything Goes at SHS

By Angela Black and Amber Ostler, SHS Staff Writers
Anything Goes at SHS
Anything Goes at SHS
Anything Goes at SHS

For three weeks in November, many students were involved in the Springville High School production of Anything Goes. Directed by Lindsey McKinnon, music by Leni Thomson, choreographed by Tyne Crockett, and with our live orchestra, directed by Sam Tsugawa, this 1934 musical was a huge hit!

This laugh out loud comedy stars Billy Crocker (Brennon Schow, senior) who falls in love with an engaged heiress (Erin Thomas, sophomore) who insists she must marry Evelyn Oakleigh (Dallin Droubay, senior), secretly because her family’s company is in trouble and the marriage would provide a business merger. Enlisting the help of coworker and friend Reno Sweeny (McKenna Thomas, senior) to help break the two up, she flirts with Mr. Oakleigh; and, in the process, wins his heart!  But the two know the merger is important. After learning of a great scandal by Evelyn’s uncle, they learn that the companies are both well to do and don’t need a merger at all.  While two bandits secretly board the ship “Moonface” martin (Brandon James, senior) and Bonnie, (Katya Wagstaff, sophomore), create a hilarious ruckus as well. This comedy was more than successful, it was enjoyable.

“I sang ‘Put on a Happy Face’ from the musical Bye Bye Birdie for my audition and then for call backs we did cold reads and sang bits of music from the show,” said Dallin Droubay.

Droubay said he was only seven years old when he first hit the stage in a choir concert; he was nine when he performed a monologue for his school talent show. 

Droubay comments on his favorite character, “Reno, because she is an amazing actress.  Kenna is so talented that when I was on stage, I didn’t see her, I saw Reno; and, I could feel more like Evelyn than Dallin because of it.”

Katya Wagstaff said that her favorite part of being in Anything Goes was “not the dancing,” and then laughed saying, “I love meeting a bunch of people; and, when you bring the show together with costumes and makeup, it all feels real and important.”

Katya says she’s been in too many shows to count and a majority of those have been musicals, one of her favorites was Titanic. After some prompting by Brennon Schow, she said her favorite character from the show was “Billy Crocker, and that in real life Bonnie would be a little too much of a party girl for her taste!”

For her audition, Erin Thomas sang ‘My New Philosophy’ from the musical You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. She said the best part of being in the show was “getting to know a lot of new people.” This is Thomas’ third show; and, she said that she feels more confident singing than dancing or acting.  Thomas’ favorite song from the musical was Anything Goes, “because it was upbeat and fun,” said Thomas.

Brennon Schow is no stranger to the stage as he has been in seventeen plays, six of which were musicals.  His favorite personal performance (although it was hard for him to pick) was “being Miracle Max and the Six Fingered Man in the Princess Bride, all in the same show.  It was really hard to play both,” said Schow.

Schow favors acting over singing and dancing.  He said, “Acting, because my voice will deteriorate as I get older, but I can act for as long as I live.”  Moonface Martin is his favorite character because “he had funny one-liners and comebacks and he was so stupid.  It was hilarious,” said Schow.

McKenna Thomas’ favorite part of the play was “preforming it and watching others enjoy it; it’s like all of your hard work has just paid off.”

It’s no surprise that Thomas landed a lead role in the play as she has been in six other plays and seven additional musicals. This budding actress first debuted in second grade when she was cast as the role of Glinda the Good in the Wizard of Oz at her elementary school. She told us that her favorite song in the show was ‘All Through the Night’ because “I just loved listening to my little sister singing on stage.”

This is only one in a long line of successful musicals performed at Springville High. If you missed out on this musical, make sure you don’t miss another because with the directing talent and exceptional acting abilities of our students, these shows can’t be beat!

Introducing the 2011- 2012 Red Devil Swim Team

By: Justin Coplen and Haylee Tischner, SHS Staff Writers
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Travis Pope.jpg
Nicole Mertz.jpg
Gabe Hargett.jpg
Melissa McQueen.jpg
John Morris.jpg
Kenzee Hargett (left) and Lauren Pilitcher (right).jpg
Melissa McQueen1.jpg
John Morris1.jpg
Swimming 2.jpg
Swimming 4.jpg

Swimming is a sport that involves body and mind; it’s all about endurance.  It has the longest high school sport season beginning before basketball and ending the first week of February.

Springville High’s swim team has 51 members comprised of freshmen though seniors.

Girls Team: Payton Acor, Rebekah Brau, Lauren Brinton, Cindy Carrasco, Elissa Coral, Imihaa Cromar, Savannah Guinn, Kenzee Hargett, Alexia Martindale, Rebekah McClain, Melissa McQueen, Nichole Mertz, Megan Miles, Kaitlyn Nielson, Lauren Pilcher, Amy Tingey, Sarah Tomco, Sydney Wilcox, and Gina Young

Boys Team: Conner Anderson, Joseph Bowen, Nick Bringhurst, Dustin Brinton, Joshua Campbell, Trevon Galbraith, Kyle Gashler, Caleb Gray, Nathan Graham, Gabe Hargett, Thomas Irvine, Kidd Joshua, Jonathan Luther, Aleksander Maccabee, Nate Marrett, Christopher Mcclain, Will McQueen, Rylee Melgoza, Kohl Mertz, McKay Mertz, Jonathon Miller, John Morris, Kade Nackos, Noah Nilsson, Tyler Oman, Gavin Ottesen, Travis Pope, Aaron Stoddard, Bryson Stoker, Jordan Treasure, and Matthew Vaughan

SHS Teacher of the Month: Mr. Justin Snell

By: McKenzie Prothero and Tyler Condie, SHS Staff Writers
Mr. Justin Snell -- November Teacher of the Month

Mr. Justin Snell is Springville High’s November Teacher of the Month.   Snell is one of our special education teachers.  Snell graduated from Timpanogos High School and subsequently received a bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University.  Snell earned his master’s degree at Grand Canyon University.

He says that he likes working in special education because the students are “fun and entertaining.”  In addition to teaching at Springville High, Snell is a Red Devil volleyball and basketball coach.

His favorite quote is, “Don’t suck,” by himself (Justin Snell).

His favorite movies are The Godfather and Tombstone. His favorite music genre is country.  One of the most unusual facts about him is that he collects shoes; he has 32 pairs of shoes that he has collected over the years.  

His favorite food is Italian and anything with pasta. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Athens, Greece, to observe and study history.