New and Interesting Clubs at SHS

By Josh Faber and Brandon Wolf, SHS Staff Writers
Harry Potter Club Members
My Little Pony Club Members
Dylan Larson, Zelda Club Co-President
Mr. Stewart, Adviser to My Little Pony Club

Springville High has a few new clubs that are literally begging for your attention. Students are familiar with the staple clubs like TSA, DECA, FBLA, HOSA and such, but what about the new and interesting clubs? The following highlights selected clubs that students can join this year.

Harry Potter Club: Students meet after school twice a month. Any special activities will be announced at a later date. This club was created for Harry Potter fans to get together and socialize, but anyone is welcome to join this club. This club is advised by Mr. Woodhouse and membership is free.

My Little Pony, Friendships are Magic, Fan Club (Bronies): This club participated
in the light parade, and they will get together every once in a while to watch the show and to plan out future activities. The club was created to showcase the awesome TV show, “My Little Pony Friendships is Magic” and give fans an outlet to socialize and converse about the show. The club is advised by Mr. Stewart, who is just along for the ride. Anyone can join this club and membership is free. E-mail for contact information at:

The Legends of Zelda Club: This club gathers all of the protectors of Hyrule together to dominate Ganondorf. They meet to play games, bond, and relax. The club was created because there just aren’t enough easy going clubs. The adviser for this club is Mr. Crandall. Students who wish to join can contact Dylan Larson or Yamina Castro, club co-presidents. Club dues are $10. Dues pay for controllers, game consoles, food, and other merchandise. This club is exclusive to anyone that loves Zelda.

Springville High offers many clubs for students to join, but only a few are right for you. Which will you join?

Springville Ruins Salem Hill’s Homecoming

By Ezra Hopoate and Aaron Brown
SHS vs SHHS_photo by Mark Spencer
SHS vs SHHS_photo by Mark Spencer
SHS vs SHHS_photo by Mark Spencer
SHS vs SHHS_photo by Mark Spencer
SHS vs SHHS_photo by Mark Spencer4.jpg

On September 28, Springville High’s varsity football team traveled to Salem Hills High and grabbed their first win of the season, 21-7. The contest was full of energy as the Red Devils pulled out the win to collapse Salem Hill’s homecoming game.

Springville’s Red Devils started the first quarter with the ball, but were unable to score. Soon the Skyhawks scored their only points of the game. Immediately after, the Mighty Red Devil
defense shut the Skyhawks down. The Red Devils offense managed to pull together and score three touchdowns, changing the score in Springville’s favor, 21-7.

“We came to play,” said Jacob Condie.

“Go Devils!” said Gage Karren.

photos by Mark Spencer

HOSA club sponsors blood drive

by Sky Engelking and Casey Thobe, SHS Staff Writers
Brigham Barker gives blood
Imihaa (Amy) Cromar gives blood

On Tuesday, October 2, Springville High's HOSA club (Health Occupations Students of America) sponsored a blood drive. Many students donated blood for multiple reasons; for example to help people that need it or just for a good cause. Springville High students Moises Mardones, Jose Martinez, and Tait Prothero all donated blood.

Mardones said, “It hurt when they poked my finger, but it’s for a good cause. People need blood so might as well just do it. I will probably donate post high school.”

Martinez said, “Third time donor. I like to donate because it’s fun. It’s something new.”

Prothero said, “Second time donor. I think that donating is something to do, doesn’t hurt.”

Find out more about HOSA at

Lunch and an Artist

by Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Dan Frewin
Dan Frewin

On Wednesday, September 26, our library sponsored, “Lunch and an Artist, featuring Mr. Dan Frewin.”  Frewin is a veteran teacher at Springville High who not only teaches guitar, but provides important insights into all facets of music.

During lunch, Frewin shared with students and staff what it takes to be a musician, particularly, how to write songs. 

Frewin said, “Let yourself become a conduit to songs, be open to inspiration.” 

Frewin explained that it doesn’t take a genius to write a song and that sometimes it takes years to finish a song.  He said that you just need to keep an open mind and let your thoughts flow.  Frewin related a story about when he was a teen growing up in the Deep South.  He received inspiration about a song while trying to go to sleep late one night; a mockingbird was keeping him up with its incessant singing.  This gave way to Frewin writing a song about a rebel, similar to the mockingbird.  He even sang a few bars of this song.

Frewin has met many great musicians, including Dan Fogelberg.    Frewin said that a good way to start formulating your own music style is to take three musicians that you like and really learn how to play their songs well.  Then, you can develop your own music style by merging the sounds of those that you admire.  Frewin said that this is the way many successful artists develop their own sound.

Students and faculty attended and thoroughly enjoyed Frewin’s presentation.

Ms. Sarah Anderson, ASL teacher, said,” I loved Frewin's presentation. It was inspiring to watch him with the students because he encouraged their best efforts whether they failed or succeeded. That's how true success comes about, through trial and error. The important thing is to believe in yourself and give yourself a break on the road to perfection. I really enjoyed it.”

“I love the way Dan relates with students. His easy manner of talking to them on their level and his understanding of their fears, as well as aspirations make him an advocate and support for all kids and whatever it is they want to achieve,” said Mrs. Lanell Rabner, Springville High Media Specialist.

SHS students volunteer at Sage Creek Elementary

submitted by Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Cheer Volunteer
Football Volunteer
Cheer Volunteer
Football Volunteers
Football Volunteers

The Sage Creek Elementary PTA Carnival held on Monday, September 17, was a huge success partly due to the volunteer efforts of Springville High School students. The football team manned a booth in which student could go out for a pass or play a game of touch football for two tickets. The SHS cheerleaders decorated children's faces all night in the face painting booth. The elementary students idolize the high school students. Sage Creek appreciates the SHS football players and cheerleaders for providing good role models for younger students and for being willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help others.

Spinning a Webb with Students

By Andrew Dean, SHS Staff Writer
Mr. Bryan Webb

One of our newest employees at Springville High school is Mr. Bryan Webb. He has been working at SHS for one year and is beginning his second year. When asked what his title was, he answered, “Advocate assistant to the counselors.”

Webb attended school at Utah Valley University and the University of Phoenix in which he majored in school counseling.  One of his future goals is to become a full time counselor.

He loves working at SHS and said that he really enjoys one on one time with students, helping them with personal and academic issues.  Webb is especially gifted in speaking Spanish and helping ESL students.

“Mr. Webb really takes the time to help individual students with special needs.  He has helped several of my students achieve graduation,” said Mrs. Carey White.

Something interesting about Webb is that he knows how to fly helicopters, and his dream job is to be a firefighting helicopter pilot. Although he has only been here for a short time, he’s is an important part of our SHS staff.

Future Musician

by Sky Engelking and Casey Thobe, SHS Staff Writers
Marcus Roeper

This year Springville High has new exchange students. One of them is Marcus Roeper. He came all the way to Springville High from his hometown Kolding in Denmark.

Roeper signed up for the exchange program to become more independent.

“I wanted to get better at music and experience a new culture,” said Roeper.

Roeper likes to play the guitar; he can play both acoustic and electric. He has played the guitar for four years.

Roeper has yet to find his favorite subject.

“I haven’t had all of my classes; but, if I had a favorite subject, it would be something with music. I’m taking guitar next semester though,” said Roeper.

He speaks three different languages--Danish, German, and English. Compared to Denmark, Roeper has noticed that school in America is stricter. He is also surprised that Americans are not as fat or obese as he had heard.

Roeper really enjoys Springville and is happy to be here. 

Burning of the S -- Homecoming Tradition

photos by Ezra Hopoate, SHS Staff Photographer
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S
Burning of the S

After the light parade on Thursday, September 20, Springville High students celebrated the homecoming tradition of the Burning of the S.

Homecoming Light Parade

photos by Ezra Hopoate, SHS Staff Photographer
1 of 19
FFA Float
Class of '93 Float
ASAP Float
Class of '67 Float.jpg
Dance Company Float
SHS Marching Band
Royalty 2012
Drama Guild
Whitney Richmond
FFA Float -- Colton (left) and Wesley (right)
Girls Soccer
Light Parade
Light Parade
Student Council
Light Parade
Light Parade
Light Parade

On Thursday, September 20, SHS student body celebrated homecoming with a tradition--Homecoming Light Parade.

Homecoming Royalty 2012

photo by Josue del Rosario, SHS Staff Photographer
Homecoming Royalty 2012 (at football game)
Homecoming Royalty 2012 (at assembly)

Queen – Tesha Credille daughter of Vern and Kathy Credille
1st Attendant – Brooke Lange daughter of David and Janice Lange
2nd Attendant – Sara Ripley daughter of Brent and Karen Ripley
3rd Attendant - Mindy Stapel daughter of R. Gordon and Darla Stapel
4th Attendant – Marie Terry daughter of Robert and Julie Terry