Welcome Ms. Janelle Frossard

by Cameron Church & Jonathan Haws, SHS News Writers

Ms. Janelle Frossard has been teaching for a total of two years; her first year she taught at Orem High and then transferred to Springville High for her second year.  She teaches English, and she likes to help students learn.  She hopes to cover everything she wants to do with the class, but at the same time make it fun.

Her most rewarding experience is seeing students start to enjoy English and improve. Her hobbies include reading, movies, music (mostly rock and roll), and hanging out with friends.  The most unusual job she ever had was when she would work while rollerblading at Sonic.

Hello Ms. Cox

By: Laura Hutchings & Katie Hone, SHS News Writers

Another new teacher here at Springville High School is Carrie Cox; her classroom is located in the G-Wing across from the dance room. 

Cox has been a teacher since 1999, only taking a break for graduate school. She has taught Drama and English classes, but is currently teaching German.  She’s taught at several high schools and middle schools in California, Alta High School, and now at Utah Valley University.

She believes that “education helps us be stronger, kinder people who can take better care of each other and the world we live in as we increase our knowledge and understanding and our communication and expression skills.”  Cox believes that teaching a language is a great skill opening up different cultures other than our own; she loves seeing students be more confident with themselves.

Some interesting facts about this Cox is her hero, Bruce Lee.  Cox said, “It’s inspiring to see the great things that have gone on in his life.”

Her hobbies include baking, basketball, riding her bike, playing her guitar. She’s also really great at movie trivia and she misses the ocean.  The most unusual job she had was working part-time at See’s Candies.

We welcome you Ms. Cox here to SHS and hope you have a wonderful time being one of our teachers.

New Special Education Teacher

by Cameron Church and Jonathan Haws, SHS News Writers

Springville High welcomes first year Special Education teacher, Olivia Ward.  Ward explains why she loves special education, “I love people who have disabilities and I love to help them.”

The most rewarding experience for her is when students know her name and come up to her to tell her what happened to them the night before.

She does not coach any sports, but she wants to.  She loves the mountains and yoga. 

Introducing Mrs. Joanna Ellsworth

By: Laura Hutchings and Katie Hone, SHS News Writers

We would like to welcome Joanna Ellsworth to Springville High School.  She is a new first year teacher; she is teaching tenth grade English and has many talents.

She likes running and exercise also does MMA based videos.   She’s a reader and a writer and is published.  She also enjoys geeky games.  She is married and has two little girls that are five and three. She wishes to someday coach basketball, softball, and track.  Her most interesting job has been working as a serving wench in Cedar City at the Shakespearian Festival.

Her vision for student’s success is to help students see that being literate helps open a door to the world. She strongly believes in the Mark Twain quote, “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” 

Welcome Mrs. Ellsworth to SHS, and we hope you have a great experience.

New Energetic Teacher

By: Teyler Hone and Tanner Gervais, SHS News Writers

One of our many new teachers this year is the very hardworking Brock Peery, a new math teacher here at Springville High School.  In his first year, he has come to love his students and how they show dedication to learn and make others happy.

“The students are an amazing example to me,” said Peery about his classes which include Math 1 and Math 2 Honors.  

He has not only learned how to teach, but also has experiences in other fields of work including security, librarian, and even running his own hotel.  He currently loves his job teaching here at SHS and commented, “I have the greatest job in the world being a teacher.”

He has been married for two years; he and his wife are expecting their first baby this coming spring.

Thanks Mr. Perry, Springville welcomes you.

Future Business Leaders do well at UVU competition

by Carey S. White, SHS FBLA Adviser

On Friday, December 5, the following students attended and competed at the FBLA Central Region Competition at Utah Valley University:  Moroni Black, Jared Coles, Hayden Diede, Braden Farrin, Michael Graham, Spencer Gwilliam, Marcus Hansen, Caleb Houtz, Jonathan Howes, Christian Killpack, Garrett Lopshire, and Chase Robertson.

Springville High students placed in the following events:

5th Place, Jonathan Howes, Caleb Houtz, Braden Ferrin, in Banking & Financial Systems
2nd Place, Hayden Diede, Chase Robertson, and Christian Killpack, in Emerging Business Issues
5th Place, Moroni Black, in Impromptu Speaking
2nd Place, Spencer Gwilliam, Hayden Diede, and Chase Robertson, in Entrepreneurship
5th Place, Jonathan Howes, Caleb Houtz, Braden Ferrin, in Network Design

Congratulations to all these students who attended and competed.

Springville High presented: “The Mikado”

photos by Teyler Hone, Tanner Gervais, Cameron Church, and Jonathan Haws, SHS News Photographers

This November, Springville High School’s drama and music department presented Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic “THE MIKADO” a musical comedy of love, law, and public execution.  Music by Arthur Sullivan and Libretto by W.S. Gilbert. First performed in London, 1885.

“The Mikado” was directed by Christian Cragun and choreographed by Ali Eaton, Emma Terry, and Maddie Brunt.  Music provided by the Springville High Orchestra directed by Dr. Samuel Tsugawa.


Yum-yum…………………………………………..Brittney Metler
Peep-Bo…………………………………………….Kate Gabbitas
Pitti-Sing……………………………………………Sarah Emmett
Katisha………………………………………………Tiare Spencer
Ko-Ko………………………………………………..Andrew Hoffman
Nanki-Poo…………………………………………Adam Davies
Pish-Tush………………………………………….Chase Kimball
Pooh-Ba……………………………………………Chris Swenson
Mikado……………………………………………..Gable Munn

Orchestra Members:

Violin:  Ashley Davies, Cassidy Erickson, Andrew Hale, Garrick Hilliard, Olivia James, Abi Maccabee, Ashley McConnell, Aimee Sinson, and Emily Wood

Viola:   Britney Freeborn, Ben Hale, Alex Hawker, Mitch Murdock, and Mary Singleton

Cello:  Gray Burton, Michael Graham, Emma Kieffer, Jordan Nelson

Bass:  Quinn Gleave, Devin Smith

Flute:  Ben Major, Emma Whipple

Oboe:  Addie Harmon

Clarinet:  Zack Boorman

Bassoon:  Lexi Allen

Horn:  Josh Davies, Anne Wake

Trumpet:  Ethan Hewitt, William Wallace

Trombone:  Chloe Potter

Percussion:  Kevin Hatch

Springville Mayor’s Recognition Awards

by Shannon Acor
Mayor Recognition Awards

“Hard working, positive, compassionate and kind are all words that were used to describe three fantastic students at Tuesday’s Springville City Council Meeting.  Nominations for the Mayor’s Recognition Award are turned into Springville City throughout the month as citizens, teachers and neighbors spot great kids doing good things and working hard. This month’s awards were handed out by Councilman Craig Conover. 

The first award went to Springville High School Junior, Spencer Gwillliam.  He was nominated “secretly” by fellow students as they were impressed with how kind and considerate he is. They wrote “he always opens the door for others and greets them by name with a smile as they arrive to class.”  Spencer’s proud parents are Jason and Samantha Gwilliam. 

Westside Elementary Students, Averi Smith and Peter Hill, were also recognized.  Both are 6th graders and were nominated by their teacher Ginger Whitney. Mrs. Whitney shared, “Averi always has a smile on her face. She is an example to others. She pushes herself when learning difficult concepts and is not afraid to ask for help.”   She describes Peter as “a talented young man. He contributes greatly in the classroom. He has insightful comments.  He is helpful to others.”  Averi’s parents are Todd and Amy Smith.  Peter Hill is the son of Dan and Heather Hill. 

Student were awarded on Tuesday, November 18.

Help us celebrate our youth! Call or email in your nomination today to the “Communities that Care” Coordinator at Springville City 801-491-7823 or sacor@springville.org.

Red Devils of the Term (1st Term)

Red Devils of the Term (1st Term)

Jacob Rasmussen is a senior.  Jacob is in A.P. Spanish and is amazing, he has made it to an advanced proficiency in the language.  Jacob loves working with people of other cultures. He is in his second year as a member of the Latinos in Action. He is involved in many service opportunities including; tutoring school children and interpreting for Spanish-speaking parents.  Jacob is a dedicated individual who works long hours after school in order to help support his family, while maintaining exceptional grades at the same time.

Josh Davis is a junior.  Josh has a great positive attitude about himself and his classmates. He comes prepared each day and participates eagerly in class discussions and activities. He works hard and is always happy to help his classmates be successful. Josh does amazing artwork and has excellent writing skills.  He loves to play basketball, play the piano, do 3-D design and draw caricatures.

Hannah Larson is a senior.  She came up with the idea and started the club “Sign Here” at the school. She is a great president and leader for the club and can be counted on to get things done. She spends a lot of time helping and assisting students in the ASL class. Hannah is willing to talk to anyone and be their friend. She has a sweet smile that lights up the room when she walks in.  She is a talented author and is a great asset to our school.

Sarah Emmet is a junior.  Sarah is a very generous person who is always giving to others.  She has a big passion for learning and excels in all that she does. Sarah is very mature for her age and shows it through great leadership. Sarah loves to act, sing and play the piano.

Jonny Hanks is a junior.   Jonny is a member of NHS and works very hard to excel in school.  He enjoys playing basketball and being active.  Jonny is great at saying hi to everyone he sees in the halls.  He greets them with a big smile and helps brighten many students’ days. 

Jackie Gutierrez is a senior. Jackie is a very kind and warm individual. She works hard in her studies and excels in Math.  She loves doing Zumba and yoga and is very talented at playing the piano.  Jackie is a very selfless when it comes to serving others. Jackie rearranged her whole schedule so she could help a new student who didn’t speak English very well.  She is a great asset to our student body.

Senior English Classes March Into Battle

By: Taylor Ewing and Amanda Lundquist, SHS News Writers

On October 30 and 31, Springville High’s senior English classes participated in a World War l Centenary Commemoration to launch their War literature unit. Five Star Generals Simmons and Rabner led the many students that were “drafted” into Command Post HQ, the library, and given the weapon of choice, a camouflage Army pencil.

After running a lap around the courtyard, our soldiers were given an issued Military Uniform, dog tag, a tin helmet, and a Kit-bag, before being filed back into the library where they sat in their assigned trenches (upside-down tables).

Troops reviewed, assembled, and directed to man/sit in uncomfortable trenches in their issued military uniform, then directed to review a laminated handout while inspecting, swapping, and consuming contents of their Kit-bag. In their Kit-bag, the soldiers were given an assortment of hardtack biscuits, hard sugar candy, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Chiclets, and individual canned, pre-cooked rations.

After settling down, the troops were visited by Sgt. Tritt, whom then displayed different military artifacts, equipment and gear. His humor and intelligence kept the troops entertained and lively as he shared experiences of rookie pranks and initiations.

General Rabner then stole the front with her more than amazing World War l presentation.  She used pictures and experiences of her time in Europe where she got to see most of the awestricken sites. Be it the beautiful cemeteries, where the brave soldiers of the US lie, to the posts along the border of France that still stand there today untouched.

During all of their experiences, the troops of English students kept down their thoughts and feelings on a post it note given to them beforehand. They stuck their memoirs onto the WWl “graffiti wall.”  Lives were lost as the soldiers draft cards were randomly pulled out of a glass bowl. They are remembered on the “Graffiti Wall” that is now featured in the SHS Library.