Lady Red Devil helps at Hobble Creek Elementary

by Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writer
Ariana Winegar

Ariana Winegar is currently working as a helper at Hobble Creek Elementary.  Some of her duties include working with the students to ensure that they accomplish their tasks and answer questions.

Winegar is interested in this type of work, she says, “Because I really like being around kids, and my sister and some of my friends are elementary school teachers, and they love it.  So, I wanted to see if I liked it.  Sometimes I get frustrated because the students only listen to us half of the time.  But, other than that, I love it,” said Winegar.

Winegar said that she has a lot of fun working with the students and enjoys being with them.

“Every day is different, fun and exciting,” said Winegar.  She also says that having worked at the elementary school has prepared her for a future job and career.

“I would recommend an internship to other students because I really love doing it,” said Winegar.

Winegar is planning on attending BYU Idaho after completing high school.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

SHS Intern Studying to be a Teacher

By Shane Roberts, SHS Staff Writer
Christina Nolasco

Christina Nolasco, Junior at Springville High, is studying to be a teacher at Art City Elementary. After interning at Art City Elementary for a term, Nolasco said she was still interested in this line of work.

“Yes, I would still like to be a teacher. It is super fun going and helping students.  I don’t think I will teach elementary because it’s not really what I am looking for,” said Nolasco.

Nolasco has been interested in this line of work for quite a while; she has always been good at helping people understand concepts so it would be the perfect occupation for her.  Nolasco recommends this line of work to others as beneficial because “It’s awesome. I had the chance to actually teach some of the children and that allowed me to see how I teach,” said Nolasco.

Some of Nolasco’s duties include helping students, teaching lessons, and assisting the specialty classes if needed.

One fun experience Nolasco has had at her internship is, “I went to P.E. with them and we played with the parachute and had so much fun. All of the students loved me, and I had a really fun time. She plans on attending Brigham Young University to earn a degree and teaching certificate.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Worked-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801) 489-2870, or

Ken Garff Assembly Winners

By Haylee Tischner and Rose Walker, SHS Staff Writers
Kaycie Jordan wins iPad and a chance to win a new car
Kaylee Wolfe receives $1,000 scholarship from UCCU for UVU tuition.jpg
Eric Bird receives $1,000 scholarship from US Synthetic.jpg
Shane Disbrow wins Name That Tune game.jpg
Nathan Israelsen and Taylor Gervais race in the squirrel cages
Jake Condie and Johnny Britt face off against teachers

Kaycie Jordan was this year’s Ken Garff Keys to Success winner of a brand new iPad donated by Morgan Jewelers. Jordan had two key cards earned being a T.A. in the counseling office and having a 4.0 GPA.  Jordan will represent Springville High and compete for new car on April
23, 2012, at 11:30 am on KUTV.

Jordan was the second finalists to turn the key. She was asked what her chances were; she responded in front of the student body, “100 percent!”

Jordan said, “I was really excited and wanted to win.”

Kaylee Wolfe won a $2,000 scholarship sponsored by Utah Community Credit Union and Utah Valley University. Wolfe earned her key card by cleaning out the dance room closet. She applied online for her scholarship, and felt awesome that she won.

Eric Bird won a $1,000 dollar scholarship from US Synthetic; he received his key card by having good grades. He applied for this scholarship through Mrs. Hullinger in the Springville High Counseling department.

Some of the other games the student body enjoyed at the assembly were “Name that Tune,” in
which Shane Disbrow won a set of headphones and “Squirrel Cage Races” between Taylor Gervais and Nathan Israelsen.

Students earn Key Cards by improving academically or setting goals with their teachers.

With their Key Cards, they log on to to pick from a wide variety
of prizes.  Fifty finalists are randomly selected from qualifying Key Card recipients for the
Assembly Prize Giveaway.

One winner from each school will represent their school to see if they win the
brand-new car live on KUTV News!

For more information, go to Ken Garff
Keys to Success Program at:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Election Week

By Tayli Smallcomb and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

The week before Spring Break has been an exciting one at Springville High. This was the week of elections for the student council of 2012-2013.

We’ve all had fun seeing the campaign posters in the halls and the candidates passing out small promotions for their campaign. Voting took place on Thursday and Friday during lunch. Students from both the sophomore and junior classes ran for a position on next year’s student council.

Students who ran included the following: Stephen Nelson, Caroline Erickson, Jacqueline Camacho, Cami Sumsion, Dallin Penrod, Hannah Reinhardt, Laruen Bird, Loren Atherley, Natalie Sanchez, Marie Terry, Sarah Ripley, Holly Sumsion, Elsie Rowe, Aaron Brown, Erin Thomas, Bronson Bartholomew, Seth Daybell, and Nathan Willmore.

TSA Robotics Competition

by Jason Averett, SHS Staff Writer
TSA Robotics Team 2012

Last month Springville High’s Robotics team attended their first Utah State TSA Conference and competition. Springville did an amazing job for their first experience. The Robotics team placed
15 out of 23 teams competing and the Construction Renovation Team (Allison Brown and Declan Webster) placed 2nd.

This was Springville's first year as a TSA (Technology Student Association) chapter; they continue to make a name for themselves in this organization and will continue to do so in the future. TSA has a great state conference because there is something for everyone--from fashion design to robotics.

Those in attendance were Allison Brown, Declan Webster, Timo Elliot, Jason Averett, Noah Schmitz, Davis Agle, Eric Harrison, and Mitchel Ohman.

Dance Company Festival

by Debbie Allred, Dance Company Coach

Last month Springville High’s Dance Company received all superior ratings at the Adjudication Festival. Mary Wells, Springville High’s Dance Sterling Scholar, choreographed one of the dances and two former Dance Company members, Ariel Grotegut Stephan and Katelyn Sheffield choreographed the other. They did a wonderful job and received great comments from the judges.

FCCLA teams do well at State Competition

by Jill Hansen, FCCLA Adviser
Timo Elliott, Sean Gordon, Jake Jorgensen, Sydney Haden, and Mrs. Jill Hansen, FCCLA Adviser.
Timo Elliott with his display board for his suit of armor - he received a gold medal
Jake Jorgensen, Sydney Haden, and Sean Gordon - received a silver medal for their project in Focus on Children

In March, 2012, Springville High’s FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) chapter attended Utah State Competition.  Timothy Elliott received a Gold Medal in Fashion Construction (he made a suit of armor)!  Sean Gordon, Sydney Haden, and Jake Jorgensen were awarded a Silver Medal in Focus on Children. 

"A great experience... our high school is new to the competing aspect of it, but we did great and it's only going to get better," said senior Jake Jorgensen.

“It was a fun learning experience that taught us leadership and ambition,” said senior Sean Gordon.

“This year with FCCLA has been a great experience. We've had a lot of fun with our service projects, club activities, competitions, and making new friends. I am excited to continue building this organization,” said Mrs. Jill Hansen, FCCLA Adviser.

Rachelle Taylor selected as Outstanding Staff Member

by Carey S. White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Rachelle Taylor

Rachelle Taylor was selected by Springville High’s faculty and staff as this year’s Outstanding Staff Member sponsored by Horace Mann insurance.  Taylor is SHS’s attendance secretary.  Taylor has been working at Springville High for the past 15 years; in fact, she started working for SHS during her senior year of high school. 

Taylor said, “I have worked at SHS since I was a senior in high school, the faculty and staff have become like a second family to me.”

“I love working with the student at SHS, it is a great thing to see them discover the possibilities in life,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s favorite quote is by Disney’s Cinderella, "A dream is wish your heart makes when you are fast asleep."

She’s married to Carey Taylor and they have three children (two boys and a baby girl).  She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and doing crafts.

SHS Intern at Cherry Creek Elementary

By McKenzie Prothero, SHS Newspaper Writer
Amanda Groneman SHS

Amanda Groneman is a senior at Springville High School and is currently interning at Cherry Creek Elementary. Being a school teacher has been more a backup plan as a career choice for her. She always liked school growing up and she loves children, so she wanted to see if this internship was something that she still was interested in doing.

At Cherry Creek Elementary, Groneman does small things for the teachers like grade tests, laminate papers, finish projects, and put together homework folders and portfolios.  She also interacts with the students while being in class with them and when they go outside to recess she gets to go play with the students.

Groneman really enjoyed the day she accompanied the first graders to singing time, just because it was fun to see all of the student sing and their sweet personalities.

Groneman says, “Yes, interning for a term has been valuable for her. It has been good for her to learn to be responsible and to work for someone else. I think it would be very beneficial to someone especially to anyone who has not had a job before.”

Groneman would like to attend the University of Utah and major in Chemistry; afterwards she would like to become a Physician’s Assistant.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801)-489-2870, or at

SHS Intern at Art City Elementary

By: McKenzie Prothero, SHS Newspaper Writer
Emily Rawle

Emily Rawle is a senior at Springville High School and is currently interning at Art City Elementary. Rawle has always loved teaching others.  She has many childhood memories of amazing grade school teachers who influenced her in pursuing a future career in elementary education.

Rawle helps students who have fallen behind or need extra help. She is delighted to help the teacher present lessons, execute activities, and class readings. After interning for a term, she is still interested in this line of work.

“It makes her day to be able to be with the students. They are very easy-going and happy,” said Rawle.

Her happiest moment is when one of the students wanted “To be like Rawle when they are older.” It made her happy to think that one of the students wanted to be like her when they grew up.

Rawle recommends the internship program to other students, “Yes, it has been beneficial for me to work for a term with students at the school of my choice.”   Rawle says she would recommend an internship to anyone because it is really fun and it gives you an idea of how your job would be in that future career.  Rawle wants to attend Utah Valley University and major in Elementary Education.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Springville High, (801)-489-2870, or at