Lunch and an Artist, Jessalyn Adamson

Carey White, SHS Newspaper Adviser
Jessalyn Adamson_Lunch and an Artist
Jessalyn Adamson_Author

On Tuesday, December 11, Springville High student Jessalyn Adamson discussed her success as a newly published author. Jessalyn’s first novel is entitled: The Children of Eliza: Unearthed.

Springville High student body and staff joined Jessalyn in the library for lunch and celebrated her accomplishments.

A Closer Look at Washington D.C.

By Kat Smith and Dc. Hollingshead, SHS Staff Writers
Washington DC -- Close Up

In November of 2012, 15 Springville High students traveled to Washington D.C. for a week-long trip. This once in a lifetime opportunity provided the students with an experience of what government is really like and a chance to associate with peers from all over the country. The students learned in a classroom environment about our government, but they learning they
experienced outside the classroom will last a lifetime.

Each day provided the students with rich experiences. On Monday and Tuesday they attended classes, on Wednesday they visited the court archives, on Thursday they were privileged to sit in on the Supreme Court, and on Friday they visited Arlington Cemetery. They were also able to tour Senator Hatch’s office and ride on the senator’s private trolley.

Some of the special opportunities they had included the wreath laying ceremony at the Arlington Cemetery and sit in on the Supreme Court during a case involving Nike and a trademark debate. The students were particularly inquisitive about the court; this experience provided them with an amazing up close look on how the business of Washington runs.

Bryson Stoker, a student who traveled to Washington D.C., said he enjoyed the opportunity to learn about our country’s history and actually have it there with them. He really liked the chance they had to develop a more in depth understanding of politics, and though he doesn’t know if he will pursue politics as a career, this trip definitely opened a door for him. Some of the places that impressed him most were the Lincoln and the Vietnam Memorials. The latter was
particularly meaningful to him because one of the names on the wall belonged to his dad’s friend. He was very appreciative of the opportunity the trip presented him and of the teachers who accompanied them.

For Liz White the Vietnam Memorial was also a special place to her. A grandfather she never knew had died in the war; and, being able to touch his name and get a rubbing of it, meant the world to her. She said the experience was somber, emotional, but at the same time “very cool.” She enjoyed getting to meet the kids from around the county and particularly enjoyed meeting a group of students from the United Arab Emirates. She thought they were generous and smart. She also noticed that the kids from Texas in particular were very passionate about the things they learned.

Devynn Shields felt that meeting the other students was her favorite part of the trip. She loved the chance she got to learn about the differences in culture and religion that the students had. She was excited to say that she still keeps in contact with some of the friends she made. Where
D.C. is concerned she said, “We saw more things in depth, not like a vacation.” She also said her favorite places to visit were the Capital Building and Senator Hatch’s office. Unfortunately,
the Senator was not there when they visited; but, she thought it was “weird” and “funny” to see the items he keeps in his office.

For 15 students Washington D.C. has become not just a place on a map, but a meaningful part of our learning experiences.

Mrs. Rabner, one of the teachers who chaperoned, said, “It was a wonderful trip. For everyone this trip was a success and a treasured memory.”

Teachers who attended: Mrs. Priscilla Leek and Mrs. Lanell Rabner; students who attended: McKinlee Eifert, Sarah Clark, McKenna Jenkins, Madison Lee, Devynn Shields, Jessica Morrison, Madisen Joyner. Elizabeth White, Bryson Stoker, Connor Hullinger, Madyson Allan-Kelly, John
Setzer, Brooke Swapp, Mackenzie Morris, and Taylor Frossard

Red Devil Swim Team

by Dj Majers and Josue del Rosario, SHS Staff Writers

Springville High’s 2012-2013 Swim Team will be amazing this year with captains Amy Tingey, Rebekah McClain, and Lauren Pilcher for the girls; and, captains for the boys, Travis Pope, Kyle Glashier, and Matt Vaughan. Team members practice every day from 3 to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. Over 60 students are on the swim team. Swim team has one of the longest sport seasons. These students will compete in at least eight tournaments over the next five and half months.

This year’s team members are: Boys: Conner Anderson, Legrande Bair, Wyatt Bateman,
Joseph Bowen, Nick Bringhurst, Kaden Brooke, Tanner Bunnell, Devin Chamberlain, Dalley Joshua, Matt Duncan, Tyson Galbraith, Kyle Gashler, Caleb, Gay, gabe Hargett, Tyler
hendry , Ezra Hendry, Thomas Irvine, Kenyon, Kenyon Jepperson, Joshua Kidd, Eathan
Knowiton, Daylan Larson, Aleksandar Maccabee, Nate Marett, Brandon Martin, Christopher McClain, William McQueen, Mckay Mertz, Jonathon Miller, John Morris, Gable Munn, Kade Nackos, Noah Nilsson, Tyler Oman , Travis, Pope, Reece Reynolds, Bryson Stoker, and Caden Swendsen. Girls: Halle Acor, Payton Acor, Megan Child, Kelty Cope, Eleah Coral, Elissa Coral, Imihaa Cromar, Dominic Edwards, Savannah Guinn, Leslie Lifferth, Alexia Martindale , Rebekah McClain, Nichole Mertz, Katie Meyers, Megan Miles, Audrey Penrod, Lauren Pilcher, Mia Rushton, Mindy Stapel, Brit Suckow, Makenna Swapp, Renee Swapp, Amy Tingey, Sydney Wilcox, Vanessa Williams, and Gina Young.

Lady Red Devils Start the Season 4-0

by Jake Condie, SHS Staff Writer

The Mighty Lady Red Devils basketball team is having what looks to be an amazing start to this season. With four wins under their belt beginning with two tough away games, Alta and Herriman, the Lady Red Devils’ hard work is paying big dividends.  Last Thursday, Springville brought home another road victory over American Fork, 63-56.    

Varsity team members include:  Brooke Casewell #1, Hannah Parckard #3, Malia Nawahine #10, Ashli Averett #11, Kate Hullinger #15, Savannah Park #20, Amby Austin #21, Sarah Meredith #32, and Brooke Wheeler #33

JV/Sophomore team includes:  Marynda Chipman #1, Lydia Austin #2, Olivia Park #3, Lindsay Johnson #5, Megan Lindsey #10, Ali Monson #11, Sienna Jensen #12, Mariah White #14, Alyx Sorenson #15, Baylee Park #20, Lyndsie Jordan #21, Taylor Jordan #22, Medina Dore #23, and Laura Hutchings #33

Springville High Jazz Band Concert

by Anthony Adams, SHS Staff Writer and Photographer
Jazz Band Concert3.jpg
Jazz Band Concert1.jpg
Jazz Band Concert2.jpg
Jazz Band Concert4.jpg

On November 28, the Springville High Jazz Band played a Christmas themed concert.  Springville High band worked really hard to prepare for this amazing concert.  All who attended were thoroughly entertained.

*photos by Anthony Adams

Red Devils beat Bulldogs

By Ezra Hopoate and Aaron Brown, SHS Staff Writers

Springville High’s Red Devil wrestling team dueled the Provo High Bulldogs on November 29. The Red Devils secured a team win, 46-36.  Wrestlers that won their match include Nathan Buhler (pin), Trevor Kinross (9 point win), Nasli Pepper (pin), Derek Boyer (pin), Bryce Wilson (pin), Aaron Brown (pin), and Zach Hansen (forfeit).

“Our team went out to fight. Everyone pushed themselves hard,” said Coach Spencer.  The duel ended very different from last year’s 45 point loss to the Bulldogs.

Team captains this year are Derek Boyer, Aaron Brown and Zach Hansen.  All three won their match at the duel.

Dancing to Make-A-Wish Come True

by Hyrum Atkinson, SHS Staff Writer

Friday, November 30 Springville High School held a multi-school dance. Springville invited Salem Hills, Maple Mountain, Spanish Fork and Payson to raise money for Springville’s current Make-A-Wish recipient, Connor. The dance was black-light themed. Students wore white, neon and glow sticks to stand out as they showed other students their dance moves. The outcome was great; students raised over $300 dollars towards Connor’s wish.

Springville High Says Hello to “Hello, Dolly”

By: Amanda Sly and Janelle Hernandez, SHS Staff Writers (Photos edited by Amanda Sly)
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The chorus and Jen Bate singing Hello, Dolly.jpg
The chorus with Jen Bate and the other leads. Singing Put on Your Sunday Clothes.jpg
From the left bottom Marie Terry, Jonathan Luther, Mallory Longhurst, Jen Bate and Matt Niu. Top Erin Thomas and Brandon Chambers .jpg
Jen Bate and Matt Niu.jpg
Jen Bate and the waiter Jordon Ockey performing Hello, Dolly.jpg
Jen Bate enters Harmonia Gardens.jpg
Jen Bate.jpg
Jonathan Luther, Marie Terry, Skyler Kawia and Malorry Longhurst all have elegance.jpg
Kataya and Matt Nui in Harmonia Gardens.jpg
Left Jen Bate, Skyler Kawia, Mallory Longhurst in While You're Dancing .jpg
Left Koaly Killpack, Jen Bate and Dallin Penrod in court scene.jpg
Left Skyler Kawia, Jonathan Luther, Marie Terry, Jen Bate, Mallory Longhurst and Matt Nui.jpg
Left Skyler Kawia, Marley Chamberlein, Jen Bate, Kataya and Seth Daybell.jpg
Matt Niu and Jen Bate (2).jpg
Matt Niu and Jen Bate main leads Horris Vandagelder and Dolly Levi.jpg
Matt Nui and Jen Bate.jpg
The cast in the Finale.jpg
The leads and some of their friendsLeft Katelynn, Marie Terry, Jen Bate, Kataya, Mallory Longhurst and Marley Chamberlien.jpg

Springville High performed “Hello, Dolly” for the 2012 musical. The cast consisted of 50 students and the pit (orchestra and band) had 30 students. The musical took place in the 1920’s in New York City and Yonkers, New York. The plot was a lady, Dolly Levi, who is a match maker. While matching up a current client, Horace Vandergelder, she falls for him herself. So, she will do anything in her power to get him, even if that means matching others up, almost getting arrested, and much more.

Jennifer Bate was the leading lady, Mrs. Dolly Levi, a matchmaker, in search of finding herself a perfect match. She was an exquisite, beautiful actress and singer. Bate made the musical fun and entertaining. Matt Niu was the male lead, Mr. Horace Vandergelder, a grumpy old millionaire, one of Mrs. Levi’s clients looking for a love life of his own. Other leads were Sky Kawai (Cornelius Hackle), Mallory Longhurst (Irene Malloy), Marie Terry (Minnie Faye), and Jonathan Luther (Barnaby Tucker).

The song the majority of the cast enjoyed and had fun performing the most was “Put on Your Sunday Clothes.” But, the most challenging to learn with the entire cast was “Hello, Dolly.”

“The hardest number when it came to dancing to learn was definitely the waiter’s gallop. There was a lot going on in that scene and the music at times was hard to keep up with. Especially, since we can’t keep count out loud,” said Jen Krustch.

“I loved it, it was super fun and witty. Understanding and studying the lines and humor in the play was a blast, it all tied together and created a great story,” said Bate.

“The hardest thing for me was when I had to become like my character, mean, grumpy and serious. Because I’m not that way at all,” commented Nui.

“I can say for myself that the play was a lot of fun. But it took a lot time and dedication from everyone, including the directors, the pit, the cast, the tech crew and parents. It was stressful at times but it was all worth it. I would definitely do a musical again,” said Amanda Sly.

“My favorite part of the play was when Mallory and Sky kissed in the court scene,” said Terry.

The play overall was a great show, put on by Springville High School students. Special thanks to the directors.

Red Devils Win Season Opener

by Carey S. White, SHS Newspaper Adviser (photos by Mark Spencer)
Max Terry
Bradley Kitchen
Dawson Pedersen
Max Schriener
Spencer Frixione
Bradley Kitchen
SHS vs Park City

On Tuesday, November 27, the Springville High Red Devils hosted the Park City Miners and
took home the first win of the season, 57-48. Bradley Kitchen led with 23 points, while Dawson Pedersen added 12 points including a 3-pt shot, 3 assists, and 1 steal. In addition, Max Schriener added 7 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals, and 1 assist. Springville’s next home game will be on Tuesday, December 4, at 7 p.m. against the Wasatch Wasps.

photos by Mark Spencer

Springville High students growing poinsettias for the first time

Debbie Balzotti, Daily Herald Correspondent
SHS Greenhouse

Picture Caption:
FFA Chapter President Amberly Bradford, right, and Kat Smith, left, along with other students, tend to the poinsettias in the greenhouse at Springville High School on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012. The school will begin selling the plants on Nov. 26 to help fund the greenhouse operations. SPENSER HEAPS/Daily Herald