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State ASL Competition Winners

Submitted by on Fri, 2020-04-17 13:59

Congrats to our ASL State Competition winners!!!

ASL 1 ABC Story 1st place: Abigail Payne- Bedtime Sneak read

ASL 1 ABC Story 2nd place: Alexis Christensen- Life of Flowers

ASL 1 Deaf Art 2nd place: Nicole Allen

ASL 3 Deaf Art 3rd place: Bailey Murray     Bailey Art interpretation: I really wanted to show the beauty of asl, and we've been talking a lot in class on what makes asl unique/beautiful? I noticed other languages rely on hearing, or ears for their ability to understand the language. However, in ASL we rely on our eyes to receive information which is why I wanted to make this piece. The leaves around the eye give you a focal point towards the eye, and the pop of color shows the beauty to the language.