SHS Orchestra Performs Christmas Concert

By Raymond Jablonsky and Whitney Richmond, SHS Writers/Photographers
SHS Orchestra Performs Christmas Concert
Alyssa Freeman
Gavin Hurlburt
Sam Tsugawa

On Thursday, December 15, the Springville High school orchestra performed their annual Christmas concert.  This year was the first year they incorporated a reading of “A Christmas Carol,” read by Dallin Droubay, with music in the background.  The reading along with the music really made you feel like it was Christmas.

A select few students in a group called “Sam’s Club” performed blue grass music.  They performed three songs.  These songs told a story along with the music. 

The orchestra gave a wonderful performance.  The students put in countless hours of practice to get ready for the concert.  Attendees were able to hear the dedication that these students have.