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SHS English Teacher is a published poet

Submitted by carey.white on Tue, 2017-05-02 11:49

Springville High English Teacher Joanna Ellsworth will have a poem published called "Dissociative Memory" by Southern Quill which is a literary journal that publishes short creative works and is run out of Dixie State University. The poem is dedicated to her father, who passed away a few ago, and it meditates on how, when we lose a loved one, we sometimes have difficulty recalling them in their entirety. In her father's case, Ellsworth became fixated on his hands, which manifests in the poem. 

This is not the only poem that Ellsworth has had published.  This past fall she had a poem published with Inscape, which is BYU's literary magazine. The poem Ellsworth published is called "While Chewing, They Seemed Grateful." It is a surrealist piece. 

Link to the digital version of the poem:

Ellsworth has other literary works that have been published including several other poems, a short story, and a few essays on literary criticism.  Springville High is proud of Ellsworth’s accomplishments and her positive role model to students.