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She’s a poet and now she knows it

Submitted by carey.white on Tue, 2017-05-02 11:03
by Josh Ornelas: SHS News Writer

Springville High Sophomore Monet Jorgenson loves writing and she has found that she has a real talent for it.  Recently, Jorgenson had one of her poems published on the DSU Southern Quill.  She said that it was about “celestial spoonfulls.”  When asked what inspired her.  She responded, “Just space, and the stars.”

She’s proud of how her poem turned out.  However, this wasn’t her first publication, it was her third!

“It’s pretty cool to see my poems getting published.  It’s just been really fun, and I love writing and I plan on continuing to write more poems and hopefully get more published,” said Jorgenson.