Mustangs end Red Devil’s football season

By John Garfield and Tony Jiminez, SHS Staff Writers (Photos by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)
Red Devils vs Mustangs (Photo by Mark Spencer)

Tuesday, October 25, was an evening not to be forgotten when Herriman High and Springville High squared up on Herriman’s home grid iron for a state play-in game to determine who would advance into state playoffs.  It was a very physical game from the perspective of the fans who witnessed the Herriman High Mustangs win the game with a 44-22 victory over the Red Devils.

The game started with Mustangs taking the ball to the end zone with every possession; in defense, the Red Devils couldn’t seem to click as a team.  After the first quarter, Springville seemed to get a rhythm together cutting a Herriman 30-0 lead to a 30-14 score.

“This was definitely a physical game,” said John Tupou senior defensive tackle.

During the game, the real controversy included conflicts and penalties between the two teams.  

Mitch Paystrup senior running back for Springville said, “It was very physical game with unnecessary fights among the teams, for a second it didn’t even seem like it was a football game.”

This win for the Herriman launches the Mustangs into the first round of state play in which they will visit Logan High next Saturday; it also ended the season for the Red Devils.

“I just wish it wasn’t over,” said senior linebacker Steven Gueck as he walked off the field.

Photos by Mark Spencer