Mighty Red Devil Swimmers Splash-tac​ular at 4A State

by Kenzee Hargett, Swim Team Co-Captain
from left to right--Melissa McQueen(SR), Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Payton Acor(FR)
SHS Swim Team at State Competition
SHS Swim Team at State Competition

This past weekend, the Springville High School swim team competed at 4A State.  Overall the team did exceptionally well. The boys, having 11 on the team took third place just under Mountain Crest; the girls with only six on the team took 8th and did better than they were thought to do.

A couple exceptional swimmers broke Springville's own swim records, they are:  Conner Anderson (freshman) in the 200 Freestyle with a time of 1:45.26 and Nichole Mertz (freshman) broke a 25 year record in the 50 free by one tenth of a second, her time was 25.10 seconds.

The 400 free girls relay included (Lauren Pilcher[JR], Payton Acor[FR], Rebekah McClain[JR], and Nichole Mertz[SO]). The meet started on Friday with the medley relays. The girls team consisted of Payton Acor(FR), Melissa McQueen (SR.), Kenzee Hargett (SR.), and Rebekah McClain (JR). They finished in 12th place.

The boys team finished in 6th place with Aleksander Maccabee(SO), Matthew Vaughan(JR), Gabe Hargett(SO), and Christopher McClain(FR). In the 200 free, there were no girls who qualified; but, with the boys, Conner Anderson(FR) took third place, Christopher McClain(FR) finished eleventh, and McKay Mertz(JR) in sixteenth.

The 200 I.m. consisted of Rebekah McClain (JR), Payton Acor(FR) John Morris(SO), Matthew Vaughan(JR), Kyle Gashler(JR), and Gabe Hargett(SO). Rebecca finished in seventh, Payton in tenth, John in third, Matthew in twelfth, Kyle in fourteenth, and Gabe in Ninteenth.

For the 50 free the girls placed high with a second place (Nichole Mertz[FR]) and seventh. (Lauren Pilcher[JR]) With the boys there was a tie for tenth place (Travis Pope[JR]), a twelfth place (Nate Marrett[JR]), and an eighteenth place(Nathan Graham[SR]). These events finished the first day. The boys were in 3rd place with the girls in 6th place.

On Saturday the meet started with 100 Butterfly, no Lady Red Devils participated, however,we had Kyle Gashler(JR) who placed 8th, Gabe Hargett(SO) who placed 11th, and Tyler Oman(SO) who placed 12th overall. For the 100 freestyle, Nichole Mertz(FR) and Lauren Pilcher(SO) both got their best times with Nichole placing 6th overall and Lauren placing 12th. Conner Anderson(FR) and Travis Pope(JR) both swam. Conner with a swim of 3rd place and Travis in seventeenth. In the 500 Freestyle no girls swam but the boys did very well. Chistopher McClain(FR) took 5th overall, Aleksander Maccabee(SO) took 12th overall and McKay Mertz(JR) finished 14th overall. 

Next was the 200  freestyle relay, both girls and boys did exceptionally well. The girls team consisted of Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Melissa McQueen(SR), and Nichole Mertz(FR). The girls went in 12th overall and finished 7th overall. The boys team was Travis Pope(JR), Nathan Graham(SR), Matthew Vaughan(JR), and Conner Anderson(FR) were seeded in 6th place and finished in 2nd. Payton Acor(FR) and Rebekah McClain(JR) competed once again against each other in  he 100 backstroke. Payton finished 8th overall and Rebekah in 10th overall. Nathan Graham(SR) and Aleksander Maccabee(SO) also swam the backstroke. Aleksander in 8th place and Nathan finished in 14th. Melissa McQueen(SR) was the only lady devil to swim in the 100 Breaststroke and finished in 18th place. Matthew Vaughan(JR) and John Morris(SO) both swam the 100 Breastroke and finished with amazing races. Matt finished in second place, while John Finished in 4th.

Finally, the meet closed with the 400 free relay. The girls team was of Lauren Pilcher(JR), Payton Acor(SO), Rebekah McClain(JR), and Nichole Mertz(FR). The girls finished in a great placing of 4th. The boys team was of Nathan Graham(SR), Christopher, McClain(FR), Travis Pope(JR), and Conner Anderson(FR). The boys finished in 9th place. The coaches Amyee Hargett, Mindy Burton and Sarah Connolly were excited for the results of the meet and extremely proud of each swimmer. In the end the girls finished in 8th place and the boys finished with an exceptional third place. Congratulations to the SHS swim team and good luck next year.

Photo 1:
From left to right
Melissa McQueen(SR), Lauren Pilcher(JR), Kenzee Hargett(SR), Payton Acor(FR)