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Lady Red Devils Swim team race to state

Submitted by carey.white on Thu, 2018-02-08 14:27
by Colin Coughanour, and Zach Hjorth

Don’t miss all the excitement this Friday and Saturday as our girls and boys Red Devil Swim teams attend state swimming finals at the Davis Recreation Center.  Here’s some Lady Red Devil team member highlights:

Ella Holden, Junior, says her best event is the 50 freestyle. This is her first season swimming competitively. Holden says that started swimming because her friends convinced her to.  Holden’s advice to anyone who wants to get into swimming is, “Just go for it, it’s a lot of fun.”  According to Holden, the swim team has been doing very well this year.

Kourtney Lamb, Senior, says her best event is the 50 freestyle. Lamb has been swimming for eight years. She started swimming because her father swam in High School, so she decided to try it out. Lamb’s encouragement to those who want to try the swim team is, “Do it, you will make great friendships.”  According to Lamb, the team has done very well this year, specifically in region.

Courtney Holt, Senior, says her best event is the 50 freestyle. Holt has been swimming for less than a year. Holt was convinced to try out for the team by her parents and her friend Amanda. Holt’s advice to those who want to try out for the swim team is, “Go for it, it’s really fun with lots of great teammates; and, it’s a good skill to have,” When asked how the team did this year, Holt responded, “We did AWESOME!  People worked hard and it really paid off.”

Nicole Pope, Junior, has been swimming competitively for nine years; her best event is the 50 freestyle. Nicole started swimming because her siblings swam, she trains five days a week for an hour and a half.  Pope does five claps and listens to music before she goes swimming. She wants to go to state and not have any regrets. She wants to pursue swimming beyond high school. Pope’s advice for somebody who wants to swim, “It can be hard or intimidating, but it’s fun and there’s a lot of support.”

Natalie Mertz, Junior, has been swimming for 9 year, and her best event is the 100 backstroke. She began swimming because her siblings swam.  She trains Monday – Friday, occasionally Saturday, for about an hour and a half. Mertz relaxes and listens to music before she swims. Mertz wants to always be improving in swimming, and she wants to swim in college. Mertz’s advice for somebody who wants to swim is, “Swimming is difficult, but rewarding.”

Lady Red Devil Swim Team Members:
Senior Girls:
Amanda Brimhall, Anna Brower, Courtney Holt, Kourtney Lamb, and Tanna Smallcomb.
Junior Girls: Hannah Daines, Jane Dwiggins, Alice Giatras, Ella Holden, Natalie Mertz, Nicole Pope, and Isabel Sanders.
Sophomore Girls: Sophia Barson, Olivia Collings, Carsen Poole, Jade Poulson, and Sara Shumway.
Freshman Girls: Janelle Mammen, Amelia Oberg, Brianna Stoker, and Jeri Strong.

photos by Jeff Porcaro ©