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Environmental Science class beautifies the inner court

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-01 18:12
photos by Erin Call & Lynn Brereton, SHS News Photographers
Amanda Hall, science student, cleaning up the inner courtyard
Springville High alumni Cliff Holm helped with his concrete saw

Mr. Darwin Deming’s Environmental Science class has started a long, overdue project of cleaning, upgrading, and beautifying the inner court.  The students started with the ponds.  Science students drained them and are shoveling out 20-30 years’ worth of 1-2 feet of decomposing debris.

Their upgrade plan includes cutting into the walls and connecting the ponds making one large pond.  Once the area is cleaned out, they will add some aquatic plants and some fish (and return the turtle to its new home).  They’ve raked up leaf litter and cut back some of the trees in an effort to beautify the area.  They also pulled out a lot of the cattails and are looking to introduce other marsh plants into the courtyard. 

“The goal is to create a relatively balanced and self-sustainable ecosystem, and increase aesthetic appeal.  We are also looking into fixing up the greenhouse that is in there and grow some tropical plants, as well as expanding the desert biome area,” said Mr. Darwin Deming, Environmental Science instructor.

Springville High alumni Cliff Holm helped with his concrete saw.  Holm works for Clyde Co.