Anything Goes at SHS

By Angela Black and Amber Ostler, SHS Staff Writers
Anything Goes at SHS
Anything Goes at SHS
Anything Goes at SHS

For three weeks in November, many students were involved in the Springville High School production of Anything Goes. Directed by Lindsey McKinnon, music by Leni Thomson, choreographed by Tyne Crockett, and with our live orchestra, directed by Sam Tsugawa, this 1934 musical was a huge hit!

This laugh out loud comedy stars Billy Crocker (Brennon Schow, senior) who falls in love with an engaged heiress (Erin Thomas, sophomore) who insists she must marry Evelyn Oakleigh (Dallin Droubay, senior), secretly because her family’s company is in trouble and the marriage would provide a business merger. Enlisting the help of coworker and friend Reno Sweeny (McKenna Thomas, senior) to help break the two up, she flirts with Mr. Oakleigh; and, in the process, wins his heart!  But the two know the merger is important. After learning of a great scandal by Evelyn’s uncle, they learn that the companies are both well to do and don’t need a merger at all.  While two bandits secretly board the ship “Moonface” martin (Brandon James, senior) and Bonnie, (Katya Wagstaff, sophomore), create a hilarious ruckus as well. This comedy was more than successful, it was enjoyable.

“I sang ‘Put on a Happy Face’ from the musical Bye Bye Birdie for my audition and then for call backs we did cold reads and sang bits of music from the show,” said Dallin Droubay.

Droubay said he was only seven years old when he first hit the stage in a choir concert; he was nine when he performed a monologue for his school talent show. 

Droubay comments on his favorite character, “Reno, because she is an amazing actress.  Kenna is so talented that when I was on stage, I didn’t see her, I saw Reno; and, I could feel more like Evelyn than Dallin because of it.”

Katya Wagstaff said that her favorite part of being in Anything Goes was “not the dancing,” and then laughed saying, “I love meeting a bunch of people; and, when you bring the show together with costumes and makeup, it all feels real and important.”

Katya says she’s been in too many shows to count and a majority of those have been musicals, one of her favorites was Titanic. After some prompting by Brennon Schow, she said her favorite character from the show was “Billy Crocker, and that in real life Bonnie would be a little too much of a party girl for her taste!”

For her audition, Erin Thomas sang ‘My New Philosophy’ from the musical You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. She said the best part of being in the show was “getting to know a lot of new people.” This is Thomas’ third show; and, she said that she feels more confident singing than dancing or acting.  Thomas’ favorite song from the musical was Anything Goes, “because it was upbeat and fun,” said Thomas.

Brennon Schow is no stranger to the stage as he has been in seventeen plays, six of which were musicals.  His favorite personal performance (although it was hard for him to pick) was “being Miracle Max and the Six Fingered Man in the Princess Bride, all in the same show.  It was really hard to play both,” said Schow.

Schow favors acting over singing and dancing.  He said, “Acting, because my voice will deteriorate as I get older, but I can act for as long as I live.”  Moonface Martin is his favorite character because “he had funny one-liners and comebacks and he was so stupid.  It was hilarious,” said Schow.

McKenna Thomas’ favorite part of the play was “preforming it and watching others enjoy it; it’s like all of your hard work has just paid off.”

It’s no surprise that Thomas landed a lead role in the play as she has been in six other plays and seven additional musicals. This budding actress first debuted in second grade when she was cast as the role of Glinda the Good in the Wizard of Oz at her elementary school. She told us that her favorite song in the show was ‘All Through the Night’ because “I just loved listening to my little sister singing on stage.”

This is only one in a long line of successful musicals performed at Springville High. If you missed out on this musical, make sure you don’t miss another because with the directing talent and exceptional acting abilities of our students, these shows can’t be beat!