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January 2018

Sterling Scholars 2017-2018

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Springville High Sterling Scholars 2017-2018
Addie Provost
Allison Hawks
Cole Monson
Emmaline Ferrin
Jonathan Young
Kaylee Middlebrook
Larissa Chappell
Lilly Sentz
Miriam Hall
Rachel Buhler
Rachel Hatch
Taylor Christensen
Taylor Wallentine
Trevor Jeppson

Emmaline Ferrin Social Science

Emmaline Ferrin, daughter of Eric and Sarah Ferrin, is passionate about learning the culture and beliefs of other civilizations. In elementary school, she read a book about ancient Egypt and immediately fell in love with the culture and beliefs of ancient Egypt. This led to her researching other civilizations, and she soon realized that she loved reading the history of other people’s stories.

She plans on studying anthropology with an emphasis in archeology, preferably at Brigham Young University. After college she would like to focus on either Middle Eastern/Biblical Archeology or Early American Archeology.

Her inspiration comes from her teachers at Springville High School who have helped her nurture her love of history. Her parents have also been a positive force in inspiring her to pursue reading and researching.

The advice she gives to those who wish to pursue this field is, “Just DO IT!” Fall in love with other people’s stories. Studying history is an opportunity to open your eyes to the world around you and walk in someone else’s shoes. History isn’t just about dates and names, it’s about people who once lived, and breathed, and felt emotion, just like you. These were real people.”

Ferrin’s favorite inspirational quote is:  “It is of little use for us to pay lip-loyalty to the mighty men of the past unless we sincerely endeavor to apply to the problems of the present precisely the qualities which in other crises enabled the men of that day to meet those crises.” --Theodore Roosevelt

Cole Monson – Skilled & Technical Education

Cole Monson, son of Steve and Merrianne Monson, fell into his passion for skilled and technical sciences through the love of film and a lot of doodling! He wants to pursue a career in which he can design and create things.  Whether the job ranges from animation to architecture, he is always up for using the creative part of his brain.  His role models include artist Dave Malan, film director Pete Docter, and his cousin Alec.

His tips for the newbies is do a bit of exploring. 

“There are so many different techniques used in film and animation that can help you create your own style,” said Monson.

Monson’s favorite quote is:  “Thinking is the enemy of creativity.” –Ray Bradbury

Lilly Sentz – Visual Arts

Lilly Sentz, daughter of Peter and Heidi Sentz, became interested in the visual arts because of the influence it has on the world. Sentz wants to contribute to the beauty and interest that comes through a visual medium.

“One thing I’ve learned from pursuing visual arts is the ability to be self-taught. That is something I will carry with me, no matter what career I go into.” said Sentz.

“Never settle for being ‘good enough’ at something, and don’t do things the same way as everyone else, or you can never be better”, Sentz advices others who decide to pursue visual arts.

Her favorite quote is:  “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” –Herman Melville

Taylor Wallentine – Science

Taylor Wallentine, daughter of Jeff and Melissa Wallentine, took Chemistry her sophomore year and became enthralled with the subject. Wallentine has since taken AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry. She likes Chemistry so much because it is just like math, which Wallentine has always been good at, but it has more meaning for her, along with a real world application, and she thinks that's cool.

Wallentine wants to be an astronaut and you have to be pretty darn good at science to do that. She would like to go into chemical engineering and apply for the astronaut program after that.

Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman astronaut, is one of Wallentine’s inspirations.  She wants to be half as cool as Jemison, who attended Stanford at 16 and then became a chemical engineer.  Jemison entered the medical field and worked in the Peace Corps as their medical specialist.  After the Peace Corps, Jemison went to space as the first African-American woman astronaut. So yeah, Jemison is pretty inspiring.

Wallentines’ favorite quote is:  “At some point, everything's gonna go south on you and you're going to say, this is it. Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work. You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem, and you solve the next one, and then the next. And if you solve enough problems, you get to come home.” --Mark Watney  (The Martian)

Rachel Buhler – Mathematics

Rachel Buhler, daughter of Merrianne and Forrest Buhler, has loved math since she was in elementary school, but became much more interested once she saw how much she could do with it in Calculus and other higher math classes. In the future, Buhler would like to pursue a high school teaching career in either Art or Calculus.

Buhler’s mother and her amazing teachers who have such a passion for math have inspired her. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone learns math differently and if you need clarification then ask for it. There is no way you’ll survive if you fall behind on those little things that never got cleared up for you. Find what you need and get it!” is Buhler’s advice to other students.

Buhler’s favorite quote is:  “There is only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give it everything.” --Vince Lombardi

Kaylee Middlebrook – Business and Marketing

Kaylee Middlebrook, daughter of Lynda Middlebrook and Mark Middlebrook, is passionate about the Business and Marketing field in general.  She was in her debate class when two of her friends convinced her to join DECA (BLT). She was hesitant at first, but fell in love with it when she started competing.

She never considered pursuing a business career until she became a DECA (BLT) club officer last year. She has learned how to use Marketing to her advantage, and all of the opportunities the field of business has to offer. After high school, she would like to pursue a degree in Marketing.

With a degree in Marketing, she dreams of working as a Marketing Director for Disney Theme parks and to aid her local community by marketing different events and charities.

Her inspiration stems from her two friends who initially convinced her to join DECA (BLT), Jed Barker and Beau Barker. She says that their charisma and kindness helped her become more enthusiastic and outgoing with other people. Another source of inspiration for her comes from SHS business teacher, Chelsey Beck.

“She is such a selfless leader and always willing to go above and beyond for our club. When we weren’t able to complete a task, or something else popped up, she was always the first one there. She would give of her time, talents, money, and influence to make sure our club was as successful as possible.” said Middlebrook of Miss Beck.

Her advice to anyone who wishes to enter the field of business is as follows:

  1. Don’t be afraid to do it. With enough hard work, you will eventually become successful.
  2. Be creative. Sometimes you only have your wit and marketing skills to go on. You have to be able to adapt to your situation.
  3. Say YES! Don’t turn down opportunities, even if you don’t necessarily have exactly the right skill set, or if you “aren’t ready yet.” Life happens to those who say “Yes!”

Middlebrook’s favorite quote is:  “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” --Winston Churchill.

Jonathan Young – Instrumental Music

Jonathan Young, son of Paul and Debra Young, comes from a family of musicians. In 6th grade he joined the school orchestra and bell choir for a Christmas performance. Not feeling like he was enjoying music, he joined band to play the trumpet in 7th grade and has thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. He is planning on attending Brigham Young University to minor in Music and major in Science or Computer Technology, keeping music a big part of his future.

His advice to those pursuing music, “Keep at it.  It takes a long time to get comfortable with certain techniques and even longer to be happy with how you play.  I've been playing for six years now, and I'm still hardly satisfied with my performance; and, for the past couple years, I've been practicing a certain technique and I'm still not as good as I want to be.  Just believe in yourself and do your best to not get down.”

He has been inspired by his father who told him countless times to “do your best.” Those three words carried a lot of meaning for Jonathan.

His favorite quote is:  “Be the best that you can be.”

Larissa Chappell – Family and Consumer Science

Larissa Chappell, daughter of Lester and Celeste Chappell, became interested in Family and Consumer Science through her experiences in the FACS classes she took in high school as well as her experiences working with handicapped children.

Larissa Chappell was inspired by her mother and her example of genuine love, hard work, courage, patience, faith and kindness. Chappell hopes to pursue a degree that will allow her to work with or help children, such as an elementary teacher or a child therapist. Becoming a mother and raising a family is also a big goal for her.

Her advice for others is, “Learn and grow from your trials and weaknesses, and don’t forget to have fun at the same time.”

Her favorite quote is:  “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” --Helen Keller

Trevor Jeppson – Computer Technology

Trevor Jeppson, son of Nilo and Dana Jeppson, became interested in Computer Technology when he found books focusing on HTML in his grandpa’s house. He then took Mrs. White’s Computer programming class. He aspires to be a Computer Programmer or a Robotics Engineer.

Trevor’s inspiration comes from his grandfather, his first Computer Programming teacher, Mrs. White, and Bill Gates.

His advice to others pursuing Computer Technology is to “work hard and have fun.”

Trevor’s favorite quote is: “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.”
–Steve Jobs

Rachel Hatch – English

Rachel Hatch, daughter of Charles and Stacey Hatch, is passionate about reading and English. There are many people who have inspired her, but her greatest inspiration comes from her parents and her brother. Her family has helped her develop a strong love for English and reading. When Rachel was younger her brother would read her the story “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?”, further inspiring her love of reading.

Hatch’s mother, Stacey, majored in English when she was in college and taught Rachel grammar rules and the beauty of the written word. She would always turn to her mother when she didn’t understand something in English.

Being the avid reader that she is, Hatch has read many stories about people who changed the world and made a difference in people’s lives. She would like to be someone who makes a difference.

Hatch’s father has inspired her to keep her life balanced and not be afraid of pursuing her dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem to other people. “Not only are my parents both loving and happy, but I've never met anyone more encouraging of and enthusiastic about my life. They have been incredible role models, and I can only dream of becoming as amazing as they are.”

Hatch said, “After exploring lots of different career paths, I've settled on pursuing Biochemistry.” Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms. Hatch further explains “Specifically, I want to research how chronic and life-threatening diseases affect the human body and then come up with possible treatments to currently incurable diseases. It doesn't have a lot to do with English, I know, but it's what I have my heart set on.”

Hatch’s advice to those studying English is, “Read anything and everything you can get their hands on.  Read what you love and write what inspires you to be real, to be honest, and to have fun.

"You are more than the mistakes you've made." –Al Fox Carraway

Allison Hawks -- Dance

Allison Hawks, daughter of Tom and Susan Hawks, describes herself as “simpleton to scholar.”  At the early age of three, she fell in love with dance. “I began dancing at age three and fell in love with being able to use my body to make movements that express ideas and create art,” she said.

Hawks has a bright future in dance. “I want to major in dance education and then teach dance. I hope to influence my students to not see dance as a way to show off or as just a sport, but as an art form that can allow them to inspire others and to be creative,” said Hawks.

Hawks has received inspiration from American dancer Martha Graham and countless dance teachers. Some advice she has for other students interested in studying dance is, “Don’t find comfort in doing what you’ve always done. Allow yourself to try new things with confidence even if the confidence isn’t real yet.”

Her favorite quote is:  “There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.” –Martha Graham

Miriam Hall – Vocal Performance

Miriam Hall, daughter of Steven and Deborah Hall, has been involved in singing since she was young. She tried many different styles; for example, choral, pop, and musical theater, however, found that classical performance fits her voice best and has made her very happy. She plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall, where she hopes to major in Vocal Performance and minor in Non-Profit Business Management.

She has been inspired by her cousin Malissa Richardson, who has helped her compete in scholarship pageants. Her pageant competitions led her to her current vocal teacher, Dr. Isaac Hurtado.

When Hall became Miss Springville/Mapleton, she was able to promote her service platform, "Education on the Harms of Pornography" in our community. Richardson has been a great mentor and friend to Hall, and she is very grateful for her.

For any student studying music, Hall has some advice: "Keep at it! Singing will enrich and bring joy to your life. It is amazing to be able to use your voice as an instrument. Keep developing your voice, work at it with a good voice coach, and don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results.”

Her favorite quote is: "Our task is to become our best selves. One of God's greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final." --Thomas S. Monson

Taylor Christensen – World Languages

Taylor Christensen, daughter of Robert and Alyson Christensen, decided to take ASL after meeting a deaf man in a religious celebration. “He was so passionate about his language and his culture that I wanted to become a part of it,” she said.

Christensen plans to attend the University of Utah and obtain her ASL interpreter certification while working on her B.S. in Chemistry then attend medical school.

She has been inspired by many of the pioneers of Deaf culture in America, such as, I. King Jordan, the first deaf president of Gallaudet University. Andrew Foster, the first African American man to graduate from Gallaudet, who went on to found many deaf schools in Africa. As well as Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts of America, who was a hero and activist.  Mrs. Brough, SHS ASL teacher, is also an inspiration to Christensen.

Her advice to others pursuing similar fields is, “Immerse yourself in the culture and understand how the language is used and where it comes from. Seeing native signers use their language opens the hearing eyes to the visual world of communication.”

Her favorite quote is: “The limits of my language meant the limits of my world.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Addie Provost- Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics

Addie Provost, daughter of Emily Provost, is passionate about theater and performing arts. When she was six years old she saw “Hello Dolly” with her mother. As she left the theater she yelled, “I AM GOING TO DO THAT!” That moment led her to where she is today.

Provost plans on majoring in musical theater and hopes to have a career in performance. Two performers who have inspired her are actresses Audra McDonald and Jessie Mueller.

Provost gives some advice to those who wish to enter the field of performing arts, “Confidence is different from arrogance, always be respectful and compassionate of everyone in the show.”

Provost’s favorite inspirational quote is:  “I am unable to quit because I am currently too legit.”

Red Devil Swimmers host the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles

Submitted by carey.white on Tue, 2018-01-09 13:51
photos by Jeff Porcaro ©

On Thursday, January 4, Springville High hosted a swim meet with local rival Maple Mountain.


Senior Boys:
Michael Atwood, Drew Burks, Jackson Chambers, Isaac Graves, Kaden Jepperson, Spencer Mcqueen, Cougar Pope, Kaeden Roberts, and Wylie Warren

Junior Boys:
Jacob Chamberlain, Alex Lanier, Mark Mabry, and Hayden Seegmiller

Sophomore Boys:
Jackson Adams, Bryce Allen, Braxton Armstrong, Seth Brimhall, Maxwell Davis, Austin Ewell, Cameron Green, Jacob Jackson, Emory Kent, Jordan Pugmire, Colby Seeley, Royce Torres, and Logan Willardson

Freshman Boys:
Peter Daines, Spencer Goff, Kyler Jepperson, Logan Judd, Caleb Lanier, Isaac Vaughan, and Clark Warren

Senior Girls:
Amanda Brimhall, Anna Brower, Courtney Holt, Kourtney Lamb, and Tanna Smallcomb

Junior Girls:
Hannah Daines, Jane Dwiggins, Alice Giatras, Ella Holden, Natalie Mertz, Nicole Pope, and Isabel Sanders

Sophomore Girls:
Sophia Barson, Olivia Collings, Carsen Poole, Jade Poulson, and Sara Shumway.

Freshman Girls:
Janelle Mammen, Amelia Oberg, Brianna Stoker, and Jeri Strong.

photos by Jeff Porcaro ©

Bruins take home a road win over the Lady Red Devils

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photos by Mark Spencer

On Tuesday, December 19, Springville’s Lady Red Devils hosted Mountain View at home in varsity basketball ending in a Bruins victory, 59-41.

Lady Red Devil Brooke Galbraith scored 21 points and sunk two 3-point shots.

Lady Bruin Tahlia White scored a game high of 26 points to lead the Bruins past the Lady Red Devils.

Vikings defeat Red Devils at home

Submitted by carey.white on Mon, 2018-01-01 13:45
photos by Mark Spencer

On Tuesday, December 19, Springville High hosted the Pleasant Grove Vikings in home varsity basketball ending in a Vikings victory, 68-53.

Springville’s Ben Schreiner had 21 points and sank four 3-pt shots in the loss.  Red Devils Spencer Livsey and Mark Gallapher added 11 and 10 points respectively.  Livsey also added completed three 3-point shots.  Mark Gallagher added 10 points.

Vikings Matt Van Komen knocked down 26 points while Kael Mikkelsen had 12 points to lead Pleasant Grove in the win over Springville.


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