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December 2017

Quiz Bowl 2017 Champions “The Flaming Toothbrushes”

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-08 14:44
photos by Devon Maupin and Carlos Reina, SHS News

Congratulations to quiz bowl team “Flaming Toothbrushes” including students Zach Foster, Melody Anderson, Mark Payne, Cory Clay (and alternate team member Kaiden Exon) who cleaned their opponents plaque, “M3M3, aka Meme Machine” with a “flossingly” brilliant score of 110-75.  Meme Machine team consisted of Ben Creer, Grant Gardner, Luke Gleave, and Joel Emmett (and alternate team member Taren Stewart).

It was a fast-paced final 20 minutes; both teams showed their knowledge prowess as they sparred back and forth until the very end, making it an exciting quiz bowl final round.

After the final student round, the winning teacher team, the “Chocolaty Claire's and the French Pastries,” including Mr. Justin Snell, Mrs. Claire Taylor, Mr. Brad Northcutt, and Mr. Darwin Deming (and alternate Mr. Jacob Douglas) took on the Flaming Toothbrushes and won with a sudden death sports question answered correctly by Coach Snell. 

A big thanks goes to Mrs. Lanell Rabner for moderating the event, Jill Thackeray for the bracketing, recruiting of teams, and running the buzzer system, Lisa Simmons and Leslie Christensen with administrative responsibilities, Mr. Christian Cragun and Mr. Trent Mikesell for their humorous MC commentary, Mr. Braden Boss for the audio visual presentation, and, of course, our fabulous judges including Ms. Marie Condie, Mr. Wes Morgan, Mr. Darwin Deming, and Mr. Mike Johnson.

It was a very fun and exciting week!

Student Team Pictured:
Top Left to Right: Ben Creer, Grant Gardner, Luke Gleave, Joel Emmett (other team member: Taren Stewart)
Bottom Left to Right: Zach Foster, Melody Anderson, Mark Payne, Cory Clay (other team member: Kaiden Exon)

Teacher Team Pictured:
Top Left to Right:  Justin Snell, Darwin Deming, Claire Taylor, and Brad Northcutt (other team member: Mr. Jacob Douglas)
Bottom Left to Right: Zach Foster, Melody Anderson, Mark Payne, Cory Clay (other team member: Kaiden Exon)

BLT Club and Hope Squad team up for Christmas Service

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-08 13:02
photos by Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser

On Thursday, December 7, BLT (Business Leaders of Tomorrow) and Hope Squad students and advisers meet to write letters from Santa to local elementary school children.  Next week, many additional SHS clubs are invited to join in the letter writing service project.  SHS students are writing individual replies to over 1000 letters from 53 elementary school classes around Springville.

Nike Cross Nationals; Brandon Garnica claims All American

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-08 12:54
by Sam Smith, Cross Country Coach

Nike Cross Nationals is a very unique event and one we have been lucky to participate in the past two years. In order to get to Nationals, you need to qualify to be in the Championship race at Nike Regionals - this means you have to be in the top 25 teams in your region (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada). From there if you place top 2 in the Championship race as a team you automatically qualify to go to Nationals. If you place 3rd or 4th, your team name is put in a bid holding area until all the other races from the other regions are completed across the country. From there the Nike Committee will select the 4 next best teams from the bidding pool and they will receive an "at large bid" meaning that they are invited to go to Nationals. That is what happened to our boys last year.

Fortunately, this year we took 2nd at Regionals so we automatically qualified. There are 22 teams that go to Nationals that are the best of the best in the entire nation. Out of those 22 teams, our team finished 5th (ten places better than last year). Brandon Garnica led our team by finishing 20th place making him an All American. We had three more boys finish in the top 52 places. The boys ran well, especially on an extremely challenging course, made even more difficult with all the rain and mud. It was a great capstone on an incredible season and a testament of what a dream, hard work, and dedication can do. 

Foot Locker Cross Country Regional Championships

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-08 12:51
by Allissa Huffaker, Cross Country Coach

Foot Locker Cross Country Regional Championships is a race held at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. This race is called the West Regional Cross Country race. It includes runners from Utah, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. We had ten students compete from Springville High: Olivia Penrod, AnnaBeth Templeman, Carter Paxton, Kaitlyn Gee, Avery Baldwin, Ella Park, TJ Roberts, Nathan Martin, Grace Ashcraft, and Bekki Grigg. This race is known for the difficult terrain the runners have to compete in, specifically including the many steep hills. We would like to congratulate each of these runners for their accomplishment in this race.

Close Up in Washington, DC

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-08 12:47
by Robert Lister, SHS Social Studies Teacher

Each year students from Springville High have an opportunity to visit Washington D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg, with other schools from across the country, as part of the Close Up Foundation. Students work for up to nine months to pay for this once in a lifetime experience. Interacting with students from Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Illinois, New Orleans, California and most years Puerto Rico, provide an experience that cannot be duplicated in any classroom.

This year’s group was able to visit the National Mall and experience the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Washington Monument, Martin Luther King Memorial, FDR Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. On the first full day there we visited Mount Vernon, home to General George Washington, as well as Arlington National Cemetery and witnessed the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, both favorites of many students. A visit mid-week with Civil Rights Activist Joan Trumpauer Mulholland and U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop, from Utah's 1st District, at the Capitol Building were also favorites of many students. Colonial Williamsburg, followed by A Christmas Carol at historic Ford's Theater are an amazing experience each year. On our final day in the Nation’s Capital, we visit the Holocaust Museum and Martin Weiss, a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. It is hard to say what the best part of the week was, it was different for each student and teacher who attended. If you want to know more about the trip stop by and visit Mr. Lister in room C-21​​​ or visit Close Up’s website at:

Ceramics students are handbuilding and working on characters

Submitted by carey.white on Mon, 2017-12-04 13:31
photos by Erin Call and Lynn Brereton, SHS News Photographers
Ryann Brockbank & Hannah Daines handbuilding and working on characters in ceramics
(Right to Left) Baylie Bohl, Caden Freeman, (front) Carter Beck, Kaitlyn Chavs-Lewis and Maddie Crane in Ceramics
Celeste Ayala, Ryann Brockbank & Hannah Daines in ceramics
Carter Beck & Baylie Bohl working on characters in ceramics
Kaden Roberts handbuilding and working on characters in ceramics
Will Francom, Jace Farr and Hailey Gabbitas_handbuilding and working on characters in ceramics
Nohe Roibal and Adi Walker working on cylinders on the pottery wheel
Benson Shaffer and Mikayla Robison working in Ceramics

Environmental Science class beautifies the inner court

Submitted by carey.white on Fri, 2017-12-01 18:12
photos by Erin Call & Lynn Brereton, SHS News Photographers
Amanda Hall, science student, cleaning up the inner courtyard
Springville High alumni Cliff Holm helped with his concrete saw

Mr. Darwin Deming’s Environmental Science class has started a long, overdue project of cleaning, upgrading, and beautifying the inner court.  The students started with the ponds.  Science students drained them and are shoveling out 20-30 years’ worth of 1-2 feet of decomposing debris.

Their upgrade plan includes cutting into the walls and connecting the ponds making one large pond.  Once the area is cleaned out, they will add some aquatic plants and some fish (and return the turtle to its new home).  They’ve raked up leaf litter and cut back some of the trees in an effort to beautify the area.  They also pulled out a lot of the cattails and are looking to introduce other marsh plants into the courtyard. 

“The goal is to create a relatively balanced and self-sustainable ecosystem, and increase aesthetic appeal.  We are also looking into fixing up the greenhouse that is in there and grow some tropical plants, as well as expanding the desert biome area,” said Mr. Darwin Deming, Environmental Science instructor.

Springville High alumni Cliff Holm helped with his concrete saw.  Holm works for Clyde Co. 


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