January 2016

CTE Fair

photos by Christian Jones, SHS News Photographer
Child Development

CTE Fair was held on Thursday, January 28, at lunch. 

All-Region 8 Teams Announced: Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Football

Congratulations to all these outstanding Red Devil athletes!


MVP: Amanda Schultz Sr OH (Springville)

: Cassidy Bowers Sr L, Savannah Sumsion Jr OH,
Courtney Mackay Sr S.

Springville: Nicole Wheeler Jr MB; Carmen Payne Sr DS.

Springville: Tyree Strong, Ashlyn Taylor, Ana Fischio.

See full article and announcement in the Daily Herald at:  http://www.heraldextra.com/sports/high-school/volleyball/all-region-volleyball-teams-listed/article_0670c7dc-c110-5286-b687-c4348592014a.html


Springville: Kennedy Clement, Alyssa Oman, Alyssa Bird

: Amy Botcherby, Meagan Morrill, Sena Warren.

: Sam Hall, Jayden Nelson, Diana Sanchez.

See full article and announcement in the Daily Herald at:  http://www.heraldextra.com/sports/high-school/soccer/girls/girls-soccer-all-region-teams-named/article_0e67a2bc-2248-5316-84fa-e48c043afd06.html


MVP: Adam Rodriguez, Springville

Co-Outstanding Defensive Players: Solofu Funa, Spanish Fork; Junior Mulipola, Springville

: Andrew Slack 77 OL,DL 11; Noah McCray 5 DB,WR 12; Devyn Tate 22 RB,LB 12; Jantsen Thorpe 16 QB 11; Scott Averett 21 RB,DB 12;
Bryce Nelson 3 DB, WR 12.

: Sai Atiifale 74 DL 12; Brennen Rymer 28 WR,DB 11; Tannar Perrero 10 WR 12; Vili Kolomalu 92 LB 11; Daxton Poulsen 47 LB 12;
Bennet Hullinger 36 WR,DB 11.

: Shay Church, Gavin Diede, Demitrius Mutuni, Brock Slavens, Clayton Snyder, Payton Kelepolo, Jake Holt.

See full article and announcement in the Daily Herald at: http://www.heraldextra.com/sports/high-school/football/football-all-region-teams-honor-top-players/article_2be52994-fdff-5231-90a1-11ebfe8a7814.html

A Long Way from Home

By Josh Ornelas, SHS News Writer

This school year at Springville High, the students and teachers have been lucky to host a number of foreign exchange students.  One of these students is a Junior named Sandra Bruhn.

Bruhn lives in Pinneberg, Theodor-Hevss-Schule, Germany.  She lives with a small family consisting of herself, her parents, and two sisters.  They like to read and play sports together.  Bruhn has really enjoyed taking school in a new country and her favorite subject right now is Fine Arts, specifically focusing on video.

Bruhn says that school is a lot easier here than in Germany.  The grading system in Germany is based heavily on participation and how often students would answer questions in class.  Their school year starts in August and ends in July; so, it’s almost a full year of school.

Bruhn really enjoys running and playing volleyball.  She also has a love for reading, listening to music, and watching movies.  Bruhn has said that one of the strangest things that she has noticed since she arrived here was how early Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping started.  Before school started, Bruhn had the opportunity to visit Zion’s National Park, and she said it was an amazing experience that she will never forget. 

Bruhn wanted to be a foreign exchange student because she thought it would be fun and she wanted to practice her English skills.  She really loves the mountains and landscape of Springville.

“The city has a lot of school spirit and support for their school,” said Bruhn. 

The weirdest food Bruhn has tried was a s'more which she said “tasted awful” and her favorite color is blue.

Mr. Springville -- "Superhero Board Games"

photos by Tyler Lewis and Alex Farrell, SHS News Photographers
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On Tuesday, January 25, Springville High student body voted at lunch for their  favorite “one of a kind” superhero board game.

Mr. Springville -- "Lunch at the Improv"

photos by Tyler Lewis and Alex Farrell, SHS News Photographers
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Mr. Springville kicked off this week with an Improv Show featuring the contestants who entertained the student body during lunch with hilarious skits.

MORP -- "Famous Couples"

photos by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer
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On Saturday, January 23, Springville High student body had a fantastic time at MORP (opposite of PROM)!

Cheerleaders Perform at Half-Time

photo by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer

On January 19, Spingville High Cheerleaders continue to support and get the fans fired up at home basketball games.

Springville falls to Salem Hills at home

photos by Maddie Burns, SHS News Photographer
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On Tuesday, January 19, Springville’s boys varsity basketball team hosted the Salem Hills Skyhawks in exciting, classic basketball play, ending with a Skyhawk victory, 63-50.

Mason Sumsion had a big night for the Red Devils scoring 17 points with Josh Elison adding 15 points in the loss.

Red Devils bring home road victory

photos by Mark Spencer

On Friday, January 8, our Springville High Boys Varsity Basketball team traveled to Payson to face the Lions with a big fourth quarter effort ending in a Red Devil victory, 50-40.


School Events for January 25-30

 Monday January 25th  

  • Mr. Springville week

Tuesday January 26th

  • Girls BB and Boys BB at Wasatch

  • Wrestling home versus Uintah

Wednesday January 27th

  • Chamber Orchestra at the Art Museum 7-9 p.m.

Thursday January 28th

  • Region Drill at Salem Hills

  • 10th and 11th grade registration assembly

  • 12th grade graduation assembly

  • Captain's Academy at the district office

Friday January 29th

  • Swim meet at Uintah

  • Softball fundraiser dinner beginning at 4 p.m.

  • Boys BB and Girls BB home versus Spanish Fork

Saturday January 30th

  • Swim meet at Uintah

  • Mr. Springville 7-9:30 p.m.


The junior ACT test date is March 1, 2016.  All junior students will attend school on March 1st and take the ACT test free of charge.  Sophomores will not attend school on March 1st, as they took the PLAN test in September.

Last year the state legislature passed a bill which requires all students to pass a Civics test in order to graduate from high school.  Any senior student who has not passed the Civics test by March 1st will be required to attend school and take the test on this day.  Seniors who have passed the Civics test will not attend school on March 1st.