April 2015

Lisa Walker receives prestigious KSI Lifesaving Education Award

Carey S. White, SHS News Adviser
Lisa Walker receives prestigious KSI Lifesaving Education Award

Springville High teacher and head athletic trainer, Lisa Walker, will be honored in New York City on May 7 to accept the national KSI Lifesaving Education Award for 2015.  Only one person nationwide receives this award each year.

The KSI (Korey Stringer Institute) award recognizes exceptional work aimed to improve knowledge and education in the realm of preventing sudden death in sports.  Read more about the institute and the award at:  http://ksi.uconn.edu/about/korey-stringer-institute/

Walker received this award in part for her work through the years in keeping Utah on the cutting edge when it comes to safety of our athletes and educating the public on such matters.

Walker, a native of Orange County, California, began her athletic training career in 1993 when she graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.  She has worked as the head athletic trainer at Springville (Utah) High School ever since.

Walker has held numerous positions within the Utah Athletic Trainers' Association, the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers' Association, and the National Athletic Trainers Association. She has provided service with the Red Cross of America, the Australia Down Under Bowl (American football) in 2000 and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, as well as other local events and organizations.

Walker resides in Provo, Utah, where she continues her work as a high school teacher and athletic trainer and serves as a clinical instructor for athletic training students at Brigham Young University while championing for athletic training reform with the Utah state legislature. Walker continues to promote safety for the physically active of all ages.  Walker and her husband, David, are the parents of three children.

Springville High takes top honors at Utah High School Film Festival

by Braden Boss, SHS Video, Film, and Multimedia Teacher

The 2015 Utah High School Film Festival was held on Wednesday, April 23, essentially the state championship for high school film students in Utah.  Springville High students did exceptionally well.   Red Devils received five 1st place awards, two 2nd place award, one 3rd, and one honorable mention (top 5).  No other school had more than two 1st place awards.  Below are the specific results (linked to the videos):

Over 20 films were submitted by SHS students and literally every one of them was worthy of placing.  Students focus on storytelling and creating films that connect with people, which all of these students have done.  There are amazing things happening in this program and at SHS.

April Mayor Recognition Awards

By Shannon Acor
Halle Acor, Benjamin Dunford and City Councilman Chis Creer

Congratulations to Halle Acor and Benjamin Dunford who were recognized at the Springville Mayor's Recognition Awards Tuesday.

Halle is a junior at Springville High School. She was nominated by Sarah Simons at the Utah County Health Department and writes, "Halle is a phenomenal influence in the community. She works hard and gives 100% to everything she is involved in."  Halle recently was invited to speak at Utah State Legislature on the dangers of e-cigarettes and how marketing techniques target teenagers.

Benjamin's School Counselor, Scott Jenkins, said, "Ben is cheerful and has a kind disposition. He makes an effort to befriend many students." Ben played a key role in the success of the “Hello Dolly” production at Merit Academy last month.

These students are working hard to be great examples and being positively involved in their school and community. The Mayor, City Council, and citizens of Springville thank you!

Nominate a student today: 

Pictured: Halle Acor, Benjamin Dunford and City Councilman Chis Creer

Ken Garff Keys to Success Assembly and Scholarship Winners

photos by Christopher Luther, SHS News Photographer
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Christopher Morgan wins
Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winners
Christopher Morgan wins
Keys to Success Assembly
Keys to Success Assembly
Keys to Success Assembly
Keys to Success Assembly
Keys to Success Assembly
Keys to Success Assembly

Sophomore Christopher Morgan won an iPad at the Ken Garff “Keys to Success” Assembly on Friday, April 3.  During the assembly, four Springville High students received scholarships including Ashley McConnell, STEM $1000; Emilee Christensen, Utah Valley University $2000; Kathryne Liddiard, Mountainland Applied Technology College $500; and, Talauna Devenport, Paul Mitchell $1000.  

The Keys to Success program is administered through each participating high school.  Students have the chance to qualify for a "Key Card" that entitles them to incentive awards from several sponsors. The local high school administration is responsible for the exact qualifications, which may include improvement in any of the following areas:

  1. Academics
  2. Class Attendance
  3. Service
  4. Citizenship
  5. Other areas identified by teachers

A Key Card is actually a gift certificate of sorts. The recipient of a Key Card can access the Ken Garff Keys to Success website and choose from a myriad of tickets or vouchers for participation in any number of events. Teachers, Administration, and Counselors can nominate recipients throughout the school year.

The best part of the program happens at the end of the school year. This is where the Free Car comes in! During the last two months of school, the school administration, teachers, and counselors may assemble and select 50 students from the pool of Key Card recipients at that school. These selected students will then randomly compete for a chance to win a car (valued at $5,000 to $7,000) at a Keys to Success year-end assembly. To learn more about the program, see the following:  http://www.kengarff.com/community.htm

Congratulations to all the winners.

Monica Giffing selected as a National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador

by Alex Farrell and Micaela Morgan, SHS News Writers
Mrs. Monica Giffing

Monica Giffing was selected to attend the 2015 National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy. This program is sponsored by DuPont and managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE).

Mrs. Giffing will be attending a week long academy in Chestertown, Maryland, and then will share her knowledge to other teachers in Utah and across the nation. She will be presenting at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, in October as well as at the NAAE Convention in New Orleans in November.  Mrs. Gififng is most excited about being able to bring this knowledge back to her own classroom.

Springville High is proud of Giffing’s accomplishments.

Lady Red Devils shutout the Skyhawks

photos by Mark Spencer
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On Thursday, March 19, Springville Lady Red Devil softball hosted region game against the Salem Hills Skyhawks, winning 3-0.

The Lady Red Devils did all the scoring in the third inning and Kaycie Jensen earned the win as Springville escaped with a region victory.

*photos by Mark Spencer

Red Devil Boys Tennis Team

photos by Mark Spencer
Sam Hansen
Tyson Galbraith
Jackson Murphy
Austin Galbraith
Max Nadauld
Kevin Hatch
Sam Hansen

Springville High’s Boys Varsity Tennis team includes the following:   In singles first position Tyson Galbraith, second position Austin Galbraith, and third position Sam Hansen.  In Doubles first position Max Nadauld and Jackson Murphy; and, in second position, Hunter Rodgers and Jacob Rodgers.

Red Devil Boys JV Tennis team includes the following:  In singles first position Cole Monson, in second position Wesley White, in third position Stone Harding, and in forth position Matt Dwiggins.  In Doubles first position Dillon and Kevin Hatch, in second position Kaden Korth and Kaden Brooks, in third position Garrett Lindsey and Braxton Geary, in forth position Cole Porter and Cortez Nelson, and in fifth Position Ethan Bird and Bailey Bird.

Boys Tennis Team Members:   Bailey Bird, Kaden Brooks, Matt Dwiggins, Austin Galbraith, Tyson Galbraith, Braxton Geary, Sam Hansen, Stone Harding, Kevin Hatch, Kayden Korth, Garrett Lindsey, Jackson Murphy, Maxwell Nadauld, Cortez Nelson, Cole Porter, Hunter Rogers, Jacob Rogers, and Wesley White

Introducing Red Devil Baseball

by Alec Clements, Head Coach (photo by Lou Crandall)
Red Devil Baseball

Springville High Red Devil baseball is in full swing; 7-5 for the season and 1-1 in region.  Our Red Devils started region play this week against Salem Hills, who we played against in the Championship game at the Snow Canyon Tournament. 

Varsity Team:   Parker Johnston, Travis Mosley, Chandler Cloward, Colby Hartman, Tanner Pererro, Scott Averett, Clayton Snyder, Zach Hales, Parker Riggs, Jansten Thorpe, Ricardo Garrido, Adam Rodriguez, Ryan Jenkins, and Matt Peterson

JV Team:  Tanner Pererro, Scott Averett, Clayton Snyder, Zach Hales, Parker Riggs, Jansten Thorpe, Ricardo Garrido, Ryan Jenkins, Matt Peterson, Adam Rodriguez, Jaxon Child, Devin Vest, Charlie Fry, and Tyler Killian

Sophomore Team:  Ryan Jenkins, Tyler Killian, Taylor Christensen, Pete Griggs, Devin Vest, Charlie Fry, Jaxon Child, and Jansten Thorpe

*photo by Lou Crandall

All State Art Exhibit

photos by Jonathan Haws, SHS News Photographer

Springville High students Rachelle Woodard, Katya Fullma, Cole Udall, and Michelle Clyde all had their art work displayed at the All-State Art Exhibit which was displayed last month at our Springville Art Museum.  Congratulations to these young and talented Red Devil artists.

Jane Austen Celebration and Party at SHS

by Cameron Church and Taylor Johnson, SHS News Writers
Hannah Larson

The AP Literature students at Springville High completed reading some of Jane Austen’s novels and celebrated with a party.  The purpose of the party was to introduce to students the Jane Austen historical time period setting and to hold an “in school” field trip.  

A total of 55 students participated, including dressing up in costumes.  The requirement to attend the party was to dress up and bring your own tea cup.  Students had an assignment to write down the description of what they wearing and explain the story behind the tea cup that they brought with them.  Instead of having tea, students sipped hot chocolate.   

Food such as like British scones, soup, salad, desserts, and pastries were served. The students also learned a traditional dance from the historical time period.  Students played different kinds of games like “The WHIST game,” charades, and Jane Austen BINGO.  AP Literature teachers at SHS have sponsored the Jane Austen party for the past three years, but this year’s party was by far the best yet.

Taylor Ewing, one the students that attended the party said she had made her own dress and had fun making it as well.  She brought her grandpa’s tea cup and explained a story behind it.  

“I enjoyed yummy food like the white velvet soup that my teacher made, and I had lots and lots of fun at the party!  I love Jane Austen books and my favorite is Pride and Prejudice,” said Ewing.