March 2015

HOSA students take 1st Place

by Sterling Wadley, HOSA Adviser
Mr. Wadley, Tyler Wright, and Elissa Coral

Springville High students attended and competed at the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) State Conference at the Davis Convention Center in Layton on Thursday and Friday, March 19 and 20.  Three students out of the seven who attended placed in their respective competitions:

Tyler Wright and Elissa Coral (a team) took first place in CPR/First Aid.  They took a written test to qualify for the second round which was a practical in which they were given a life-saving scenario and were judged on how well they performed.  They are now qualified to compete at the National HOSA Conference which will be held in Anaheim, California, June 24-27.

Seanne Hiatt took 4th Place in Epidemiology.  This was a written test in which students are tested on their knowledge of how diseases are spread.

There were 1,500 students attending the conference from almost every high school in the state as well as all the Applied Technology Centers.  Placing in the top ten is a real achievement -- taking first place is outstanding!

Congratulations to these three remarkable students and good luck to Tyler and Elissa when they compete at nationals.

pictured from left to right:  Mr. Wadley, Tyler Wright, and Elissa Coral

Key Club holds the Key to Red Devil Pride

by Tara Hall, Key Club Adviser, edited by Chris Luther & Francesca Rotolo, SHS News Writers

Each year, our SHS Key Club carries out four community service projects for the city of Springville.  For first quarter, the key club organizes and hosts a 5k to help raise money for the Springville City's Sub-for-Santa efforts. 

Second quarter, they arrange a food drive and collect nonperishable goods from around the community as well as shop for sub-for-Santa families.

For this year’s third quarter, the students have chosen to adopt the Springville High basement and indoor track as their project to help “put up some school spirit” in an effort to clean and brighten up an area of the school that is a little dark, dreary, and even a little scary for some.

For the last quarter of the semester, the Key Club assists with Art City Days.  The students help run Kiwanis' Scone Booth by making and selling scones.  All the proceeds from the scones go to the Sub-for-Santa program held right in Springville. They also help run some of the stations at the Children's Art Fest at the museum, students face paint station and balloon sculpt, which are two of the most popular stations to visit for most festival goers.

The most impacting project that the Key Club has completed has been re-painting the downstairs track. Lots of hard work and dedication was put into this task.  The students scrubbed the walls, swept the track, touched up paint, re-painted old, dirty walls; and, lastly, designed and transplanted school logos and other school spirit art work on the walls. Key Clubbers painted an "SHS" logo in red and white on the landing in addition to "We are SPRINGVILLE" on the opposite wall with a Red Devil pitch fork. "Bring the Heat" framed by some flames were placed at the end of the track to hopefully motivate track-users to give it their best effort as they exercise.  A blue race stripe was painted on the back wall, and the door and window framing of the Circuit room is planned to be painted red instead of brown. Our wonderful SHS Key Club has really worked hard to make the downstairs a more inviting place.

Springville High School plans to continue the tradition of "Remembering the RED" (started by the seniors of 2015) by allowing Springville seniors to come down and dip their hand in red paint; placing their handprint on the north wall will be a symbolic metaphor of leaving their mark at SHS.

“It really has allowed the students to take ownership, accountability and even pride in their school building and atmosphere,” said Tara Hall, Key Club Adviser.

Springville’s ProStart, Culinary Arts take 1st Place in State Competition

by Hannah Keller, ProStart Adviser
SHS ProStart team wins State

On Tuesday, March 17, five Springville High Senior girls competed in the State ProStart Culinary Arts Competition.  Springville placed first in state at will be advancing to the national competition. They went head to head against nine other top teams in the state including Cedar City, Springville, Provo, Westlake, Tooele, West, Murray, Clearfield, Bonneville, and Northridge High Schools.  Our students practiced over a hundred times, sacrificing their free time, weekends, and holidays to prepare for the ProStart culinary competition. 

"We want to do our best to represent Utah at the National Invitational in Anaheim, California, and are very grateful for the opportunity," said Mrs. Keller.  

Our team members include an “all girl” team of Sunni Holmberg (Team Captain), Hailey Seegmiller, Lauren Ostler, Traci Haupt, and Claire Hatch (Alternate). 


Springville’s Long-Running Tradition: The Bridge Building Contest

by Hayden Mendivil and Taylor Ewing, SHS News Writers

On Friday, March 13, Springville High School held one of its older traditions--the bridge building contest.  Although it might not be the most popular tradition at Springville, it has been held every year for 40 years!  It is part of our school more than most would think.

On Friday, many students participated in the contest during 3rd and 4th period.  Most participated for the incentive of extra credit in chemistry.  Either way, the turnout was impressive. The student made bridges filled the tables in Mr. Haderlie’s lab.

This year, the bridge that held the most weight was made by Sarah Rawle.  Her bridge held 1674 pounds and the bridge only weighed 40 grams.  Also, the minimum for extra credit was 200 pounds; she more than surpassed that mark.  It’s important to note that they changed the maximum weight of the bridge from 50 grams to 40.  Who knows?  Maybe Sarah’s bridge could have been a record breaker if she had 10 more grams to work with. The all-time record currently stands at 2400 pounds.

The bridge building contest started in the mid-1970s. It’s organized by the Civil Engineering Department at Brigham Young University. The contest encourages students to think like an engineer and to enroll in the civil engineering program at BYU.  The contest also encourages students to take engineering classes and has given extra credit for 40 years.  The SHS Bridge Building Contest is a true Red Devil tradition.

Springville receives Superior Ratings at Region Jazz Festival

by Zach Boorman and Molli McConnell, SHS News Writers

On March 11 Springville’s Red Devil Jazz Band traveled to and performed at Timpview High School in the Region Jazz Festival.  The festival included several schools from Nebo District including Maple Mountain High and Spanish Fork High.

Each band was required to play jazz music of a certain style, one swing song, one ballad, and a song of the director’s choice.  Springville played a classic swing song featuring their vocalist Quinn, a ballad called “Skylark” featuring the lead tenor saxophone player Danny, and a Latin jazz piece named “Night of the Living Chili Pepper.”

Springville’s band blew the roof off of the performance hall; they received straight superior ratings from each of the three judges.  Congratulations Jazz Band on an excellent performance.

Lady Red Devil varsity softball wins St. George Tourney

Springville’s softball team had a very successful weekend in St. George.  The Lady Red Devils went undefeated in their pool, playing teams from Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. The championship game matched Springville against region rival, Maple Mountain.  Teresa Morse’s base hit scored the first two runs of the game and Kaycie Jensen hit a walk off homerun for the 3-2 win.

“It was a great tournament that matched us up against great opponents, allowed us to gain confidence, and learn many lessons that we can carry with us into region play,” said head coach Jill Thackeray.

Lady Red Devils lose in close competition

photos by Mark Spencer
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On Tuesday, March 10, the Springville Lady Red Devils softball team hosted the Bingham Miners in non-region play, losing in a tight matchup, 8-7.  Bingham managed to score three runs in the top of the seventh inning to take the lead, and were able to hold on for the road win at Springville.  The home team had 10 hits while the visiting Miners tallied seven in the afternoon.

Girls Softball Team
Annie Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Addison Bowers, Ashton Buffo, Sadie Clark, Maddy Daybell, Lizzy Donnelly, Mykenzie Ferran, Mary Fredrickson, Mikaela Gage, Rylee Harris, Kaycie Jensen, Sydnee Morgan, Teresa Morse, Natalie Sumsion, Tiana Ta’ala, Managers: Taylor Jordan and Mikayla Miyasaki

JV:  Lauren Biesinger, Ashton Buffo, Sadie Clark, Maddy Daybell, Lizzy Donnelly, Mykenzie Ferran, Mary Fredrickson, Mikaela Gage, Cayla Giles, Rylee Harris, Sydnee Morgan, Teresa Morse, Brittany Simpson, Natalie Sumsion, Alyvia Woolsey

Sophomore:  Eliza Austin, Lauren Biesinger, Ashton Buffo, Lizzy Donnelly, ShayLee Ferran, Cayla Giles, Mikinna McHoes, Mazie Peterson, Kayli Remund, Jayde Rodriguez, Brittany Simpson, Ceci Sumsion, Chloe Wimmer, Alyvia Woolsey

*photos by Mark Spencer

Red Devils lose to Chargers in 2nd half

photos by Mark Spencer

On Monday, March 9, our Springville Red Devils boys varsity soccer team hosted the Corner Canyon Chargers, ending in a Charger win, 3-0.   After being tied at half, the Chargers got it rolling in the second half to pick up the victory.

Boys Soccer Team:  Dylan Smith, Jeremy Sumsion, Landon Winegar, Tanner Allen, Tyler Anderson, Nathan Standley, Peter Kucharek, Giovanni Leon, Seth Simons, Nicholas McCracken,

Chris Fitzgerald, Mckay Brewer, Jory Young, Cordon Farris (Captain), Miguel Mendez, Ryan Treasure, Spencer Smith, Rodolfo Meza, Franco Rivero (Captain), Connor Burns, Connor Crandall (Captain), Joshua Clegg, Tanner Gervais, Dimas Milian, Roman Meredith, Matt Merrell, Arath Gomez, Corbin White, Jared Buhler, Kevin Gonzalez, Michael Monney, and Oscar Yamanaka

*photos by Mark Spencer

March Mayor’s Recognition Awards

by Shannon Acor
Pictured from left to right: Daniel Beach (SJHS), Jayden Rogers (SJHS), Peggy Sorenson (SHS), Councilman Rick Child

Springville students continue to showcase their great talents and abilities at last Tuesday’s Mayor’s Recognition Awards.  Award recipient Peggy Sorenson, a 12th grader from Springville High School, “wants to be a Chemistry teacher … she is a very positive person and always makes others feel good about our school and community” according to SHS Principal Mike Brown.  

Daniel Beach is a 7th grader from Springville Junior High “who loves to read and challenges himself to excel, reading books well above his reading level” reveals Stephanie Riggs his Language Arts Teachers. 

Jayden Rogers also a SJHS 7th grader has a contagious smile and goes out of his way to make everyone happy.   Assistant Principal, Rhett Rowley, states,“ Jayden is a great example of positive energy and loving life!”

Congratulations to these great students and thank you to their nominators for recognizing their positive contributions to our community.  Nominate a student at

Pictured from left to right:  Daniel Beach (SJHS), Jayden Rogers (SJHS), Peggy Sorenson (SHS), Councilman Rick Child

Drill Team Regional Competition

by Chris Luther and Francesca Rotolo, SHS News Writers

Springville’s D’Velles Drill Team did well in regional competition.  

Head coach Breanne Anderson said, “With our Team captains Kristin Rassmussen, Tasha Wagstaff, and Kayla Hansen we are a Mighty, Red Devil team.  My favorite part of the competition is to see everyone’s hard work throughout the year come together on the performance floor. I also love seeing the creativity from the other teams.  It’s great when the team comes together and have a growing friendship between all.”

Being a coach has its role.  The head coach helps the girls achieve their personal goals that they set at the beginning of the year.  They also need to focus on the goals as a whole team not just individual.

“We like to have fun!” said Anderson, “We have parties, play games, and eat.  It helps to build a bond between the girls.”

Kristin Rasmussen, a team captain, loves spending time with the other girls. She feels that practice is key to getting better at something and wishes they practiced more as a team.

Rasmussen said, “As the team got to bond more and more each day, I made some best friends which is awesome.”

Tasha Wagstaff, another captain on our Mighty Red Devil Drill team, enjoys the competition because she gets to watch no only her team but all the other competitors’ creativity on the floor.  She gave her all every day with the team.

“I loved working hard as a team and seeing how far we have come, and becoming really close as a team.”  With being a captain on the team she needs to make sure she is a good example for the rest of the girls. “You will never regret hard work,” said Wagstaff.

The team has a huge bond here at Springville High School.  The girls love the sport and the game. The key is to work hard because you will not regret any of it.  We are the Red Devils.

“It’s better to have a great team than a team of greats.”  --D’Velles Drill Team