Crisis Intervention

We suggest in an emergency, call 911

Also, speak to someone that you trust before doing anything that could cause harm to you or someone else.

We have included the information of local agencies that can provide assistance:

SHS Counseling Center: 801-489-2817

Crisis Lines:
Wasatch Mental Health (24 Hours Crisis Line): 801.373.7393
National Youth Crisis: 800.448.3000
Utah County Crisis line through the United Way. 801.691.5433 (LIFE). If lines are full it goes to the National Crisis Line.

Family Support and Treatment Center: 801.229.1181
BYU Comprehensive Clinic: 801.422.7759
LDS Family Services: 801.422.7620

Mountainland Community Health:
Office: 801.374.9660

Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital.
Phone: 801.852.227